Cool apps for families on the road

Travelling by road with families means restless kids and  some boredom. To handle both, you can equip your iPad or iPhone with cool apps that will make your travel fun and money-saving at the same time. Here are the best of them:

 Sunday drives: Free

The app-eal of this families travel app is that is that transforms your otherwise never-ending and boring car journey into the vacation itself by finding and pointing out to you the most scenic routes you can take and the fun restaurants, historical landmarks and some other hidden wonders along the way. It is ideal for long hours of road journey with kids..

Mom Maps: $2.99

Mom-Maps is a free travel app that locates some fun and exciting family friendly spots along the way such as restaurants, parks, play areas, etc. including a detailed map on getting there and reviews from parents who have used those facilities. It provides you with convenient nearby options where you can fill your vacation downtime for families.

Rest Area Finder: Free

Long car rides can make kids very restless and sometimes really tired too. Rest Area Finder will automatically find where you are now and display all the welcome centers and rest areas nearby to make things easier for families.

iCarPark: $0.99

When you return from a place and your families are longing to get on the move, nothing can be more frustrating than when you cannot remember where exactly you parked your car in the garage. iCarPark keeps track of the exact parking place of your car using a map so that you can easily find it. In case you have a running meter, it also helps you by keeping track of time for families to save money.

iStoryTime: $0.99

Kids simply love stories while travel but carrying a lot of books can make your suitcase very heavy for you. iStoryTime has a collection of illustrated books for children. It is designed for kids with the easy flipping and the option of either reading by themselves or listening to recorded narrations of the story.

Family Car Games: $1.99

For backseat passengers of families who need entertainment, this app provides a hundred activities for long stretches of interstate routes. Your games which use license and alphabet plates will soon lose to it. So, get armed well for this one.

Best Road Trip Ever: $0.99

This app will highlight the best offbeat spots along the road. With a huge number of locations, your kids will never be able to find a better tour guide and you will have one of the best families road trip ever.

Disclosure: we did not receive any compensation for this list. We love sharing with you information we find around the web. Happy Travel.

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  1. Road trips are so much fun. We took so many of them when I was a kid. Next time I take my family on one I’ll be sure to check out a few of these fun sounds road apps. Thanks for sharing.

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