Should a 6 Year-Old Attend a Lady Gaga Concert?

 We have a routine in our home: as soon as my daughter comes back from school, she listens to music on the radio! She starts singing and dancing! Believe me, it’s quite a show to watch! (and not because she is my daughter). As she listens to music on regular basis, she developed some tastes and became fond of Lady Gaga Songs!

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Now I never allowed her to watch her on TV because I find she is too young ! But one day she heard an announcement on TV: Lady Gaga is hosting a concert in our city in the summer! She asked me if she could go! As a mom, my first reaction was no: she is too young but my husband (who is less – how can I say it- strict, did not see any problem in that) So I thought I would ask the readers and seek their advice!

Readers Advice: Should You Let Your 6-Year-Old Attend a Lady Gaga Concert?

I received some really great advice from our readers! Check it out what they had to say. Want to read the entire thread? View it on Facebook!

  • Concerts are too loud: Elizabeth B. brought up a really good point that I didn’t even consider: concerts are too loud for little ears! Elizabeth pointed out that, aside from the performer’s acts on stage, the sound level is loud enough to damage a child’s ears. She went on to explain that while she allows her teens to attend concerts, she makes them wear ear plugs.
  • Not a good role model for young girls: Several readers said they wouldn’t take their child to a Lady Gaga concert because she’s just not a good role-model for young girls. Sandy G. pointed out that my daughter may not “get” the more inappropriate parts, which I think would lead to some potentially uncomfortable questions from my daughter.
  • Take me instead! One reader, Candace, asked me to take her instead! I’ll think about that, Candace! It does make a good point, though. Maybe this is a concert better left to a grown-up girls night out?
  • Watch before taking her. I think Frankie had some great advice- watch her performance on the VMA before taking her. That way, I know what to expect. Now, keep in mind that artists do have to tone it down a bit for television because of ratings, so whatever they do on the show, I would double that in the outrageous-factor, just to err on the side of caution.
  • Go for it! One of our readers did take her 8-year-old daughter to a Lady Gaga concert and everything went fine. I think it really depends on your parenting style and what you’re comfortable with. Just like some parents would allow their teens to get her nosed pierced while others wouldn’t, it really comes down to your feelings as well as your child’s maturity level.

So what do you think? Would you let your 6-year-old attend a Lady Gaga concert? How about a different type of concert? Is six too young for any loud live performances? We’d love to hear from you!

14 thoughts on “Should a 6 Year-Old Attend a Lady Gaga Concert?”

  1. Every parent is going to parent with their own set of standards and values. Lady Gaga is just not a role model I would want my children looking to. Six is a very impressionable age, so if it were me I would not do it. I also though do not want celebrities as my children’s role models at all. They live a very different lifestyle, have a different set of values than I want my children to have.

  2. Thanks for a great post. I am currently deciding whether I take my (will be by then) 6.5 year old son to Gaga’s concert this November. I’ve not yet made up my mind, but I do have plently of time to decide.

    I have been to both her pervious world tours and thoroughly enjoyed the concerts. True that the concerts are sexual and provocative but I cannot imagine a youngster comprehending the undertone. Plus she’s nowhere near as vulgar as say M. Cirus.

    My son adores her and sings along to her songs – on all 3 albums! I’ve even caught him watching one of her clips on a music channel, eyes glued to the screen, hips swinging.

    Even if I do decide to take him, we’ll get spots on the side, with seats so we’re nowhere near the crowd pit but he’ll be able to see the full show. At the end of the day, if he’s not enjoying himself or it gets too crazy, we can leave. Regarding the noise level that actually does not bother me as I intend to get him special kids headsets made for loud noises.

    Anyway, still I’m undecided….

    1. OK so I’ve now decided it’s a big no no. Just saw that she has introduced vomiting to her sets – this is totally NOT art by my standards. I cannot even begin to imagine how I could possible explain that to my son!!

      Plus she’s opening a M Jackson museum with all the memorabilia she’s purchased. This will be a controversal statement, but that guy was a sickening pedophile and be damned if I will associate my child – and myself – to anything that relates to him.

      Bye Bye Gaga.

  3. I really don’t want to say either way since my girls are not in that age group yet, but I do have a sort of an idea of how I might approach it. I honestly do not know Lady Gaga’s music except one song I heard on the radio so I’d definitely want to know more about her music to see if it was appropriate. I’d definitely be there with her. I come from a very musical family, so live music performances are considered an enriching experience, but I’d have to be comfortable with the format.

  4. Good question! I can understand and believe to be valid all points mentioned by other readers, but what I think it all comes down to is, this is your child so it is your choice as to what you want her exposed to at what age.

  5. I’m very selective on what types of concerts I take my kids too. Too often the stuff that is considered “entertainment” for adults is not something I think is appropriate for my kids. I like to filter stuff before I expose it to my kids. Some things a 6 year old should not be exposed too until they are older and other stuff…even I don’t’ like being exposed to as an adult.

    Although my kids are free to like the music they choose, I wouldn’t take them to a live concert unless the artist has proven time and again that their stuff is appropriate for all audiences. Lady Gaga, sorry you wouldn’t make the cut.

  6. If you are asking my opinion which you are I would say NO.

    I was at the Pink concert and it was amazing but not appropriate on so many levels for children and I expect lady gaga to be the same. By the way my daughter is 9 and I wouldn’t take her.

    At the end of the day it is your choice and you have to do what is best for your family.

    1. Thanks AnnMarie and yes I was asking for opinions! I agree those concerts are not appropriate for younger crowd! I just love her music so we will keep on listening to the radio!

  7. I have been to a Lady GaGa concert with my then 16-yr. old daughter. She puts on a great show but it’s definitely full of profanity and sexuality – lots of scantily clad performers, two male performers shared a passionate kiss, etc. I wouldn’t be comfortable taking a 6 yr. old for those reasons. But, having said that, Lady GaGa did have a positive message overall – to love everyone for who they are/not judge, etc.

    1. I hope you had a great show though!
      In my heart, I would not let my daughter attend the concert: she is too young to experience that! I would let her listen to the music on the radio!

    2. That’s a dangerous concept to teach your offspring. You have to make judgments in life. Not everyone is wholesome. You simply cant love everyone.?

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