40 Perfect Irish Baby Names That Will Inspire You

40 Perfect Irish Baby Names: Get inspired to find the perfect name for your special March delivery with these monikers from the Emerald Isle! #babynames #irishbabynames #marchbabynames #bestbabynames #perfectirishbabynames #cutemarchbabynames

Irish baby names are in. Country singer Martina McBride has a daughter named Delaney (which means competitor’s child).  Film notables Daniel Day-Lewis and Rebecca Miller have a son named Cashel (which means fortress). Comedic Actor Ben Stiller has a son named Quinlin (which means very strong). Actress Jennie Garth has a daughter named Fiona (which has fame from the Shrek movie series and means fair).  Actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basigner have a daughter whose name is of the country of origin itself – Ireland.


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While there are about 33 million Americans of Irish descent living in the United States, you don’t need to be Irish to give your baby due in March an Irish baby name.

Even though the phrase “the luck of the Irish” comes from a history of the in the United States mining industry during the late 19th century as a way to validate the success of Irish and Irish-American miners, it is a phrase that we often celebrate on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, and throughout the month of March. The cultural and religious holiday is celebrated throughout the world with the tradition of wearing green, religious ceremonies, parades, and festivals. From shamrocks to the color green, rainbows, leprechauns, and pots of gold, St. Patrick’s Day also involves many symbols of luck and happiness.

Some of the most popular names in the United States may not seem like they are of Irish descent. As of 2017 these include boy names such as Aidan, Brayden, Colin, Riley and girl names like Kayla, Morgan, Megan, and Kaitlyn.

So if your baby is set to be born sometime in the month of  March, why not make it a worldwide celebration and bring him or her a little luck of the Irish with a unique Irish baby name?

Irish Baby Names For Boys

Nameberry has seen an upwards trend in popularity among Irish baby names for boys across the United States. Here are some of the more original Irish baby boy names, courtesy of She Knows.

  • Aengus: The name Aengus is the Irish version of the name Angus.
  • Bly: The name Bly is the anglicized version of an Irish name.
  • Brogan: The name Brogan carries the meaning of “sturdy shoe”.
  • Caelan:  Caelan is the anglicized form of the name Caolán.
  • Conlan: The name Conlan means “hero”.
  • Declan: The anglicized version of the name Declan is Deaglán.
  • Doran: The name Doran means stranger.
  • Eion: Eion is a variation of the name John.
  • Girvin: The name Girvin means “small rough one”.
  • Keon: Keon is a different form of the name John.
  • Lorcan: “Little fierce one” defines the name Lorcan.
  • Lunn: “Strong and warlike” define the name Lunn.
  • Mannix: The name Mannix means “a little monk”.
  • Oisin: The name Oisin is pronounced as OH-sheen.
  • Phelan: The name Phelan means “like a wolf”.
  • Riordan: “Bard” defines the name Riordan.
  • Rogan: The name Rogan means red-headed.
  • Seamus: The name Seamus is the Irish version of the name James.
  • Tadhg: The name Tadhg is pronounced as TEIG. It’a definition is “poet”.
  • Tor: Tor is a name that reffers  to “a craggy hilltop”.

Irish Baby Names for Girls

Here are unique Irish baby names for girls, courtesy of She Knows. While they are not as popular as boy names, they are names that are worth placing on the consideration list of possible names for your future newborn.

  • Agneis: The name Agneis is an Irish variation of the name Agnes.
  • Blaine: The name Blaine may be preferable for parents who love the color yellow as that is its meaning.
  • Caitrín: This name is the Irish form of the name Katherine.
  • Calla: Calla is a different form of another Irish name (Caoilainn).
  • Derry:   The name Derry means “oak grove”.
  • Eithne: EE-na is the pronunciation for the name Eithne.
  • Elva: The English form of the name Ailbhe is Elva.
  • Ita: The name Ita is that of a sixth-century Irish saint.
  • Kiana: The name Kiana means ancient.
  • Mab: The name Mab comes from Queen Mab, the monarch of the fairies in Irish stories.
  • Maeve: The name Maeve means “she who intoxicates”.
  • Morna: “Affection” defines the Irish name Morna.
  • Neala:  The name Neala is the Feminine form of the Irish Neal.
  • Nola: The name Nola is a variation of the name Fionnula, which means white shoulder.
  • Oona:  “One” defines the name Oona.
  • Riona: “Queenly” defines the name Riona.
  • Saoirse: The name Saoirse  is pronounced SEER-sha.
  • Siobhan: The name Siobhan means “God is gracious”. Its pronunciation is sha-VAHN.
  • Sorcha:  “Bright, or shining” defines the name Sorcha.
  • Tierney: The name Tierney  means “lord”.

If these names do not inspire you or you are looking for something more traditional or additional Irish names or names from Irish origin, visit these great sources: Babble , Babynames.net , Babynamesofireland.com.

Did you go with any of these Irish baby names for your tiny tot? Share in the comments!

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  1. Shannon Graham

    My entire name is Irish and my great great great grandparents came over from Ireland. I love so many of these.

  2. These are some great names, very unique. I am of Irish descent, so I really like to hear these Irish names kept alive.

  3. I love Gaelic names since that’s what we picked for both our daughters. My tip for selecting an Irish name is to accept that people aren’t going to ever say it right unless it’s more common or it’s also the name of a famous person.

  4. Jeanine @ sixtimemommy.com

    Wow so many of those I had never heard of before, super cute! I love unique names and different meanings/spellings!

  5. I really love so many of these great names. My oldest is Makenna (McKenna) which is certainly of Irish origin.

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