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OurFamilyWorld has been live for 2 years! My husband and I started it in order to share our parenting journey with other families. Our son was born with severe strabismus, he went through multiple surgeries and therapies for fine and gross motor skills.  We wanted to share those challenging moments with our readers! We wanted to share all the family experiences we go through: from ways to stretch the family dollar, to ways to have dinner ready within 30 minutes, and ways to have fun as a family.

My son grew up! His health issues improved! Unfortunately, he got bullied at school! For over 2 years, the bullying didn’t stop. We tried every thing we could to stop it! It worked but it left serious damages to his self esteem! It is better now but it is still work in progress. That’s why bullying became an important part of the site! We even had our first bullying awareness campaign! It was a huge success, thanks to you!

As the site grew and evolved, we added new categories and new ideas.  We added a review section along with contests! I love reviews because it is a great way to share my user’s experience! I enjoy contests because it helps our readers stretching their family budget!! We improved our cooking section!  You asked for more recipes and reviews/contests! We listened to YOU!

To bring the best of the best, we grew our team! Nicole Etolen became our health writer and the behind the scenes master! She is the one behind those great health tips, nice graphics! Taylor is our cooking muse! She is always looking for recipes to cook with kids and healthy recipes! Nikki Muroski is our Kids reviewers!

Exciting new changes to improve your experience at Our Family World!

But now after 2 years, my team and I thought we can even improve our site! We will be focusing our energy on the following areas:

Raising healthy children! Unfortunately childhood obesity is still quite the epidemic among our children! It is sad and it can have negative impacts on the child’s future. There are studies that link childhood obesity and bullying! This is not good! So we will be adding a category: Raising healthy children where we will share news about childhood obesity, how to prevent it, how to encourage kids activities and have a balanced diet!

But since raising healthy children can start in the womb, we will still focus on the prenatal care! From conception ,to fertility to pregnancy issues, diet and exercise in the new category: Fertility and Pregnancy!

Since childhood obesity and bullying can be tied, we will still focus our energy on this topic in our category: Family Life! This category will include the parenting tips, some home organization tips! I am always looking for home organization ideas without breaking my budget! As well some family exercise activities. Most of us are so busy that we do not have the time to exercise! I found that the best exercise is when done as a family. Walking to the park, swimming, skiing!

Our what to do today section will move to our sister site: MyKidsGuide! This site has amazing educational games and activities for kids! From babies to preschoolers! If you are not a subscriber , make sure to check it out!! It has great craft ideas!

Our cooking section will remain but we will focus more on healthy recipes! From time to time we will feature that delicious dessert that we all fall for! After all, everything is about balance and moderation!

How to ease my budget will remain. How to plan our vacations will move under the reviews section!

We will also add a shop section! Since we care about children! Part of our proceeds will go to children’s organizations! Every dollar counts! We will count on  your generosity to help those children in need!

Of course all these changes will be rolled out smoothly , slowly and steadily. We ask for your patience for that! Along with the changes, some redesign work will be done! I am sure you will love it!


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