Guest Contributor: Amy Dell: Highly Caffeinated, Never Duplicated

I am a self-proclaimed world-view blogger who manages two blogs and posts on a variety of themes.  Above all things I encourage kindness, seek positive relationships, and wish to hold honest discussions without the verbal shin-kicking please.

Career Background: For now I am a part-time SAHM, but have 10 years experience in Preschool Education and working for Charitable Organizations. I married my college sweetheart in April 1999 and am nearly two years into my motherhood journey. I currently can be found chasing after one preschooler and one very big cat during the day.  Any of my “free” time consists of moonlighting as a salesperson, drinking insane amounts of coffee and freelance writing while the rest of my house is sleeping.

I would love for you to visit my personal blog Mimi’s Musings where I post about the issues that keep me awake at night – including: post-partum depression, parenting, marriage, community events, life lesson’s, book club reviews, and more.  And invite you to stop by my PR friendly blog Mimi’s Humble Pie for recipes, reviews, giveaways, ideas for living well on a budget, and to read more about my crazy life