Guest Contributor:Rita Duponty–Delightfully Rip-Roaring

So what is my perspective as a writer?  What makes me tick?  I like to think it’s my view about life.  I believe life is a precious gift.  How we live our life and treat others on a daily basis shows an appreciation for that gift and what we are about.  Whether its blogging or writing web content, I like to reflect a balanced view of things, people, and events laced with thoughts of kindness and love.

While raising my family, I had the opportunity and benefits of living in various parts of the United States.  To give you an idea–Cleveland, Ohio, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Key West, Florida were all as different as night and day.  Consequently, today I write from the experiences of raising two daughters, many pets, and a whole lot of challenges, failures and successes throughout my life then and now with that backdrop.  If I can share what has worked and not worked for me, then perhaps someone else can gain valuable insight.

Also, living a healthy life physically, mentally, and spiritually is the only way to go.  Many of my articles published throughout the worldwide web deal with such topics as miscarriage, pet health, balding, exercise, auto repair, stress relief, anxiety, and safety-related topics.  You could say my mind goes in all kinds of directions; and you’d be right!

As a fellow human being sharing the same planet with you, I hope that my writing offers you a clear balanced approach to things.  Live life simply, love, laugh and take time out to help others.  Please join me at my web sites for a fresh approach to living:

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I look forward to hearing from you soon!