Rodney Southern: Fitness Writer

Rodney Southern Fitness writer OurFamilyWorld is proud to welcome Rodney Southern to the team as a family fitness writer. His first post, Best Biking Gear for Families, offers families practical and actionable tips on how to choose not only the best gear, but also the best bike to ensure your child’s safety. Rodney not only share fun ways for families to stay fit together, but advice on how to do it safely.

Rodney Southern is a writer that spends most of his time chasing his wife Julie and twin daughters Brooke and Valerie around the Universe. He enjoys family life, sports and nature most of all and gets great joy from writing about his adventures. He makes his home in Greensboro, NC and someday hopes to retire on Topsail Island with his wife and laptop.

Best Biking Gear for Families: Stay Safe on the Road & Trails!

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