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Hi! I’m Nicole, and I’m the Editor-in-Chief and one of the writers for OurFamilyWorld! You’ll find me mostly in the health sections, but I pop up just about everywhere on the site.  I’ve been writing since back in the days when a manual typewriter was the “word processor” and backspacing to delete characters required white-out ribbon! At 41, I’ve now spent over half my life writing and can’t imagine going a day without pouring my thoughts onto “paper” (although the actual paper was long ago replaced with a computer screen).

How did I get to be a health writer? It’s actually a long story, and I’ll spare you the boring details. Long story short, I’ve always loved the medical field and thought I’d try my hand at becoming a nurse. I made it through the first few semesters and life events made it unfeasible to finish. I did earn enough credits to become a CNA, but the call of the keyboard was just too strong. I discovered that I could make a better living for me and my son by focusing on honing my health-writing talents, so that’s what I did! I love writing about health because it allows me to keep up with innovations in the medical field while pursuing my passion for writing.

I started with Our Family World as an occasional contributor and am proud to now be a regular part of this fantastic site.  Helping families stay healthy and deal with difficult issues like bullying gives me a great sense of satisfaction. I also do a lot of the “behind-the-scenes” work here at Our Family World: editing, scheduling, social media management and handling what Olfa refers to as her “gazillion emails a day.” Gazillion is a bit of an exaggeration, though, it’s really closer to just half a gazillion. I love it, though, it’s all part of everything she does to make this site the wonderful place that it is and just shows how hard she works to ensure that her team excels in providing top-notch information for families.

Check out a few of my favorite articles that I’ve written for Our Family World

Aside from writing numerous health articles for Our Family World, I also maintain my own blog, Pretty Opinionated, a review and lifestyle blog for women, book lovers, and parents of school-aged children. I am also a work-at-home mom to an amazingly cool 11-year-old boy named Jacob. My struggles to get pregnant with him are the inspiration behind my articles on infertility and tips to get pregnant.

Want to connect with me? Find me on Twitter and Pinterest. Those are the two places you’ll find me most often! and via email:

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  1. Very cool sharing of the challenge you and your son faced, Nicole.

    I’m a proud Dad of two exceptional boys and we’ve found that a tight family that’s dedicated to trust is what helps us get past the hard times in life. At our home, “Normal is Boring!” 🙂

    Steve MC

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