Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings with Juicy Fruit Gum with Starburst Flavors

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I have a conundrum: I get major sweet cravings, but I’m really trying to lay off the candy. It’s not for a resolution or anything, I’m not exactly good with those. I’m just trying to limit my sugar intake and eat better overall to set a good example for my son.

One of my biggest cravings? Starburst! I just love the fruity goodness of those tasty little squares. They remind me of sunshine and childhood movie marathons. That’s why I’m really excited about Juicy Fruit® gum with Starburst® Flavors!

Juicy Fruit® with Starburst® Flavors: A Sweet Piece of Fun for Your Sweet Cravings

Juicy Fruit®, another wonderful product that reminds me of my childhood, is now available in two delicious Starburst® flavors. Two of my three favorites, in fact: Strawberry and Cherry. My other favorite, by the way, is Orange.

I ran to my nearest Target to grab a pack of the new Juicy Fruit® Gum with Starbust® flavors. It comes in either single packs of 15 sticks or multi-packs (with 3 single packs). Since I practically live at Target these days (my son has me up there every other day looking for specific characters for his new game), it was easy to just grab a pack while I was there.


Juicy Fruit® gum with Starburst® flavors really are A Sweet Piece of Fun! The moment you pop that delicious piece of gum in your mouth, your sweet cravings are satisfied. Since they’re sugar free, you don’t have to feel guilty!

Whether you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution to eat less sugar or simply want to enjoy a sweet treat without indulging in candy, Juicy Fruit® gum with Starburst® flavors will definitely satisfy those sweet cravings!

Ready to try it out! Save Now at Target! with a coupon and go pick up a pack (or three!) to start satisfying your sweet cravings!

Which flavor- Strawberry or Cherry- are you most excited to try? Tell us in the comments!

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33 thoughts on “Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings with Juicy Fruit Gum with Starburst Flavors”

  1. I can’t wait to try this! I love Starbursts, and with a gum, perhaps I won’t consume as many pieces of candy and calories.

  2. I am such a Starburst addict. I have to be careful to not eat a whole bag. I didn’t know they had the Starburst flavors in gum. I’ll definitely be trying this!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that this gum is Sugar-free. I remember Juicy Fruit being packed with sugar when I was a little girl and I was not allowed to have any because of that. Now just add the Starbursts flavor on top of that- total bliss!

  4. Gosh my son loves Starbursts and I am sure he would love this gum. I will have to look for this. Much better on the teeth than candy.

  5. I had the strawberry Starburst gum the other day and it’s so good! It really does taste just like a Starbursts. I did a comparison and I couldn’t tell a difference.

  6. I bet this is delicious! Cherry is my favorite flavor and I’ve been chewing more and more gum because I recently quit smoking. I am definitely getting some of this because I love Starburst!

  7. You know what, I just saw these at Target the other day! They kept me thinking just wow now they have starburst gum. I really want to try it! I really love gum, any kind really both minty and fruity are great! I love that it is sugar free, I would definitely pick myself up a pack next time I am there!

  8. Ahhhh…I saw this at Target the other day and was tempted to get it, but opted for a bag of the new Orchards Skittles. I stood there for a minute wondering which flavor I would get and I couldn’t really decided. I think it would have to be the Strawberry because I like that Starburst candy flavor the most. Love that the gum is sugar free!

  9. I have the sweetest tooth ever, and I have 1 root canal plus 7 other fillings to prove it. Ever since I had my first starburst years ago i have not been strong enough to go shopping or pass them on my way home without purchasing them, its bad i tell you but glad to know they made sugar free ones now i can eat without feeling guilty

  10. I always loved Starburst as a child – my favourite were the orange and I used to feed the lime ones to my dad! They were called Opal Fruits over here in the UK and the slogan was “made to make your mouth water”. I would love the gum, but I wish it was in orange too – I’ll have to go for strawberry instead!

  11. Oh my goodness it has been years since I have had Juicy Fruit gum! I bet the flavors are just amazing since they paired up with Starburst!! I am going to have to keep any eye out for this!

  12. I tried both last week! I loved the strawberry, it is officially my new favorite gum. The cherry was great, too, it reminded me of almost of a Twizzler more than a Starburst though. The strawberry was spot on and literally instant sweet tooth satisfaction ;) My only complaint is that the flavor doesn’t last very long, but I find that’s true of most sweet flavored gums.

  13. Oh my goodness Yum! Starburst is one of my absolutely favorite guilty pleasures but most of the time chewing them kills my jaw. This is a perfect alternative! I have yet to see this, but now I need to go find some!

  14. I’m definitely excited to try the strawberry!! I love fruity gums so much. Sometimes you just get a craving for the sweet stuff instead if the minty! Unless that’s just me? Lol. I’ve got to get my hands on both of these flavors next time I’m at Target ;)

    1. I absolutely agree, I tend to lean more towards the sweeter gums too. Occasionally I get in the mood for minty, especially if I have a stomach ache. But usually I grab all the fun fruit flavors! This gum really is awesome, tastes just like Starburst!

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