Food review: Life Choices food of Canada

Life Choices Food reviewRecently I had the pleasure of choosing a product for the purpose of doing a food review. And was introduced for the first time, to a Canadian Food Company called Life Choices. Are you like me? I have many days filled with worry about what my family is eating. My husband asked me to choose one of his favorite dinner items: breaded chicken burgers. I tend to buy chicken burgers anyways because I can be more creative with them. I cooked my Life Choices breaded chicken burgers according to directions, 400 degrees for 20 minutes, and served them on toasted hamburger buns, with lettuce, pickle, low-fat mayo, and sliced tomato. This is our traditional way of eating most burgers and I wanted to get a genuine experience with this Life Choices product.When studying my burger for purpose of this food review, I got some strange looks from hubby. At first glance, I could tell this product was different from any other chicken burger I have seen. The breading was made from multi-grains and oats were clearily visible. When baked, the burgers had a good crunch, smelled good, there was no puddle of oil left on my baking tray. We all know that our toughist food critics are our family. These are the people we plan meals, and cook for everyday. The only thumbs up I needed for the 2 year old was an empty plate. My toddler ate half a chicken burger which was amazing to me because she normally shies away from most meats. Hubby didn’t give an immediate thumbs up to his food, he felt as though the meat needed more seasoning. I asked two tough questions during that first Life Choices meal. Is it possible that we have trained our palettes to only like the fat, calorie, and preservative ridden burgers that we have both eaten for decades? And how far are we willing to go provide healthier food options for our daughter? I think he merely needs a little more time to adjust to this natural, breaded chicken burger.Overall, I would say that I feel better about choosing this type of breaded chicken burger to prepare and serve to my family. Life Choices founders had a desire to feed their family in a healthy way. They saw a need for healthier food options, and created products that would help other families make healthy choices too. I am glad this food review introduced me to a great Canadian company.

Life Choices and Living Right use only premium organic and natural ingredients that help contribute to a balanced diet and are great tasting – products the entire family can enjoy in keeping with our mission of: “Making the Right Choices Easy.” Quote from Life Choices, “About Us” 06/23/2011.


Food Review Pros:

  • Crispy texture
  • Could be used in my usual recipes
  • Certified Organic
  • Healthier than my usual chicken entree

Food Review Cons:

  • There was a limited selection in my local store. I only had a choice of three products.
I definitely want to track down other Life Choices foods. It will be my next shopping challenge, find the Life Choices Veggie Pizza and Italian Beef Meatballs to try next! For more on the delicious range of Life Choices products not featured in this food review.