Healthy Snacking Made Fun with Pistachios #PistachioHealth

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Pistachio Health Institute. Learn how we use pistachios for healthy snacking!


I’m really trying to eat healthier this year.  I try to incorporate as many easy healthy recipes into my week as possible, at least for breakfast and dinner. In between, though, things get a little more complicated. Between my son’s school schedule- he doesn’t get home until late afternoon, sometimes after 4pm- and my crazy home work schedule, it can be a challenge to fit in healthy snacking options.

Healthy Snacking on the Go is Easier with Pistachios

When my son gets home, I like to make sure he has healthy snacks to hold him over until dinner. Pistachios are one of my go-to snacks. Not only are they incredibly delicious and oh-so fun to crack open, they’re packed full of fiber! In fact, a serving of pistachios- a whopping 49 nuts- gives you 12 percent of the recommended amount of daily fiber intake! All that fiber helps keep me full longer, which means I’m not so tempted to grab a cookie or something less healthy.

Even better news: Recent research from Harvard University and published in New England Journal of Medicine found that the benefits of eating these nuts actually increases with more servings! I’m not saying you should eat an entire bag of pistachios in one sitting, but it’s still good news to know for those days when you over-indulge a bit.  If you’re worried about portion control or cracking open those nuts on the go, I suggest shelling a bunch the night before and tucking baggies of them into your purse or briefcase for healthy snacking away from home.

Shine Like the Stars with Pistachio Health Institute & Valerie Waters

The Pistachio Health Institute has partnered with celebrity trainer Valeria Waters to bring you great tips on healthier snacking! Check out Valerie’s tips in the infographic below. A few I already mentioned above. One of my favorites is her tip about how you don’t have to work out for an hour to see results! Just start with the minimum effective amount that you can do, then work your way up.


Valslides, created by Valerie Waters, makes it easy to get those extra workouts in just about anywhere. These highly portable slide boards are small enough to toss in your work purse, yet powerful enough to target just about every part of your body for a great workout. I tried to take a picture of myself using them, but didn’t realized I was still wearing my monkey pajamas. Nothing ruins your credibility as a grown up faster than the world seeing you in silly jammies!



Shine Like the Stars Sweepstakes

You can Shine Like the Stars too! Head on over to the Pistachio Health Institute’s Facebook page and enter the “Shine Like the Stars” sweepstakes. Three winners will receive a prize package including:

  • (1) Valslides autographed by celebrity fitness trainer, Valerie Waters
  • (1) Valerie Waters workout DVD
  • (1) Valerie Waters workout instructions
  • (1) Pistachio Health tote bag
  • (1) Pistachio Health nut container
  • (3) 8 oz. bags of pistachios
  • (1) $100 VISA Gift Card

To enter, just Like the Pistachio Health Institute Facebook page and enter your name, address and contact information. You can enter once a day throughout the Sweepstakes. It ends at 3:00 p.m. PDT on 2/14/14, Valentine’s Day.

What are you doing to get healthier in 2014? Will you incorporate pistachios into your overall health plan?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Pistachio Health Institute.

29 thoughts on “Healthy Snacking Made Fun with Pistachios #PistachioHealth”

  1. I have laws loved pistachios, unfortunately this baby doesn’t like them. Maybe I’ll celebrate his or her birth with a bag of pistachios! Lol

  2. Pistachios are one of my favorite things in the world.. especially the very green, delicious ones. I always have to control myself to not eat too many!

  3. My boys love pistachios, I am the only one in our house that will not eat them. I have always wondered if the slides worked for a workout – do the work for tile floors or just carpet? I think you should have shared the photo – open up to your viewers and show the real you, lol.

  4. I love pistachios! Because they taste good of course, but also because they take me forever to eat. It gives me the mental satisfaction of munching, but not an enormous amount of calories.

  5. Pistachios are so good! I honestly had no idea they had such great health benefits, though! This is a dangerous little secret for me to find out :) Thanks for sharing the information.

  6. Pistachios are one of my daily go to snacks. I really like them and they have so many healthy benefits. I only wish I would have figured that out years ago.

  7. I don’t know why, but I have never eaten pistachios! You have totally convinced me though… I am going to pick up a bag the next time I am at the store!

  8. I love pistachios! I’m not sure how big the bags are for the ones that I purchase but I sure do eat the entire bag all the time. I can’t get enough. I they are so addictive once you crack one open and eat it, you are bound to want more.

  9. I LOVE pistachios! I have a bag sitting in my pantry just waiting for me to find a creative recipe to use them in. We used to buy jalapeno flavored ones but can’t seem to find those any more.

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