Get Your Oven Ready for the Holidays with EASY-OFF® Fume Free Oven Cleaner #easyoff


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I have a confession to make: I’ve never cleaned an oven! Ever. I mean, sure, I’ve wiped up spills here and there when they happened, but I never really went through the whole process of actually deep cleaning an oven. My mom has always done it in the past. Since we’re hosting Thanksgiving at our house and my mom’s pie from last year was still baked on to the oven floor, I thought it was time.

When I think of oven cleaners, EASY-OFF® is naturally the first one that comes to mind. I may not know much about actually cleaning an oven, but I’ve been around cleaning products long enough to know which are the most trusted brands. I grabbed a can of EASY-OFF® Fume Free Aerosol cleaner and got to work! Check out my super messy oven before I got started:


Okay, let me tell you what I imagined: spray, wait, and simply wipe away the residue. I’d whistle a little tune while animated birds flew around my head and braided my hair. Fairy tales have given me a totally unrealistic view on what cleaning should be like! Also, I can’t whistle, so that fairy tale was squashed pretty quickly.

The Real Easy-Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner Experience

As far as the spray, wait, wipe part goes, that’s kind of how it went. It did take elbow grease to get some of the crustier stains off, but I was surprised at how the stuff that wasn’t caked-on came off pretty fast. I did have to spray a bit more on and wait a bit longer to get off the last stubborn bit of baked-on gunk out. I don’t think I sprayed enough on the first time around. A little more EASY-OFF® and the job was pretty much done. Also, I am told that it goes much, much, much harder if you don’t use EASY-OFF®.

One thing I noticed right away is how the bubbly action started pretty much as soon as I sprayed it on. I could see it get to cleaning within minutes.




Was it the magical experience I thought it would be? Not quite. But this is reality, and deep cleaning does require a little elbow grease. With EASY-OFF®, though, the amount of actual work you have to do is significantly cut down. It took me ten minutes of “active” time to clean the oven with EASY-OFF®, not including the 2-hour wait time for it to really soak in.  I was pleasantly surprised at the results. Check out my sparkly clean oven!


I also really loved that I didn’t get overwhelmed with fumes when I did the cleaning part. I am sensitive to overpowering scents. EASY-OFF® Fume Free is lightly lemon-scented, not at all overpowering. Now the oven is all ready for Thanksgiving and all the holiday cookies that we’ll be making soon! Best of all, I still have quite a bit of EASY-OFF® Fume Free aerosol oven cleaner left over, so I can get the spill-overs off before they become too difficult.

Is your oven ready for the holidays? If not, grab a can of EASY-OFF® Oven Cleaner in Fume Free or Heavy Duty and get cleaning! You can find EASY-OFF® at Walmart. Visit for more information and great tips on cleaning!

12 thoughts on “Get Your Oven Ready for the Holidays with EASY-OFF® Fume Free Oven Cleaner #easyoff”

  1. I was always getting sick, with the “fumes”. I am glad that easy-off has finally developed something I won’t pass out to. Thank You so much for your review! :)

  2. Ugh. I hate cleaning my oven. But your pictures are truly amazing – what a turn around! This post actually just reminded me how badly my oven needs to be cleaned. I’ll have to pick up some Easy Off so I can clean it after Thanksgiving.

  3. Uuggh! I despise cleaning ovens, especially when it belongs to an apartment you livr in and it looks as though no one has ever cleaned it before. I have got to try some of this Easy Off! It really does look so easy!!

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