Don’t Just Eat the Same Old Thing! The New Tai Pei Entrees Are Quick, Delicious and Satisfying.

This is a sponsored post; while the views expressed here were genuinely mine, consideration was paid to me by TAI PEI FOOD to review this product.


This week I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to review complete dinner products, Tai Pei Asian Entrees. I normally don’t care for frozen Asian-style food myself. But my daughter loves to eat fried rice and I’ve never mastered making it on my own so I was eager to try this. I checked out some of their products at and found some great ideas for creating Asian meals!



For this meal, I got my family both the Chicken Fried Rice and the Pepper Beef.  It was easy to find places to get the meals because I used this site:  Us adults were looking forward to the treat because we only have beef once or twice a month usually. My daughter, however, could hardly wait to taste some good fried rice.

For a tasty appetizer, I decided on the Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls. They crisped up in the oven while I heated the entrees in the microwave. They came with small packets of sauce, so we really had all we needed for a yummy Asian dinner!

The first thing that I noticed was the convenience of the packaging.  The entire entree is within one package, and is designed to be heated right in it’s own bowl. The new packaging was designed to serve the perfect portion size to satisfy  cravings, while allowing enough room for their tasty ingredients to steam perfectly. That’s much easier to me than having to heat up a protein and some sides separately. I mean, lets face it, when it comes to preparing a meal you can’t get too easy or too fast.



The second thing that stood out to me about the product was the terrific aroma! As the meal was cooking, the enticing smell filled my kitchen and I could tell that it was going to taste wonderful.

Once the food was done I put it all on a serving plate. I looked at what we had and got yet a third nice surprise: the fresh appearance! The broccoli was so true green, and the carrots were so bright orange! Usually veggies don’t look that good in a quick meal like this. Plus, the mini veggie rolls were toasty brown and crispy without the grease of fast food.

I was so pleased with the Tai Pei food! Cooking doesn’t come naturally to me, so I like finishing in the kitchen quickly. With vibrant Asian food that’s ready in minutes, meal prepping can wait. Tai Pei has given us a terrific time-saver here! And the taste was really good, while keeping the nutrition in the meal high.

Everyone in the family really enjoyed the Tai Pei food. Generous portions and flavorful, healthy ingredients were indulged in all around! To our pleasant surprise, a new tradition of eating frozen Asian food has been created. Why not? It’s really simple: spend less, wait less. Tai Pei has healthy, filling ingredients and is ready in just minutes.



With such a delicious and easy-to-prep meal, it’s surprising how healthy the ingredients really are. I can hardly wait to try their other flavors. There are ten delicious entrée recipes from Asia and every variety is designed to deliver a restaurant-inspired experience straight from your own kitchen (or office microwave) in just minutes. All their entrées, like savory General Tso’s Spicy Chicken, include real ingredients and no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Our family will make Tai Pei a regular addition to our dinner menu!

It’s the delicious, affordable alternative to cooking so you can enjoy that #FridayFeeling every day.

They’ve even created some awesome recipes.

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