What’s in The lunch Box Today?

Mom, what’s in my lunch box today? I did not like it!! It’s always the same meal: sandwich, juice and carrots.

I keep hearing all these comments from my 9-year-old. Packing the lunch box was a challenge for me. I always prepared the same things and my boy did not eat all I put. He came back home hungry. He ate a huge snack and did not eat his main meal. I was pretty upset and discouraged. How can I pack an appealing lunch, healthy and easy to make? I had to do something.  I tried the following with my son and it gave some pretty good results (less whining!!)

I tried the following LUNCH BOX IDEAS :

  1. When I used to prepare the lunch box, I did not take into consideration my son’s opinion. It was a huge mistake. So, with the help of my son, I wrote down a list of his favorite meals, sandwiches, snacks. It’s was the hardest task ever because he wanted all of I did not want to give: unhealthy snacks, juices and candies. But we came up with a list that was pretty good. It provided me with ideas and he was happy to eat what he liked.
  2. As I planned my main meals, I planned the lunch box too. It is maybe hard to plan for 5 days. I tried to plan for at least the first 3 days. The 4th day, I planned for a leftover. The 5th day, I planned for catering or whatever sandwich you can make. I did my grocery in compliance with my plan.
  3. I cut his favorite veggies (Cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms) in advance. I put them in a sealed container in the fridge. They make healthy and ready to use snacks. My son suggests adding dipping. I did not agree thinking that the dipping are unhealthy but I found some good recipes for healthy dipping (mixing some yogurt, humus, avocados, etc).
  4. My son was not a real fan of sandwiches. I bought a thermos with a wide open mouth and he loved that.  I had to buy an extra one though because my son plays some soccer games with his lunch bag, the thermos broke in 2 days. This was my lifesaver!!
  5. Even if my son did not like sandwiches, I tried making sandwiches with different sorts of breads: pita, Nan, etc.  It worked. Kids love when they have new things. They want to try and discover.
  6. When I cooked a main meal, I managed to prepare a larger quantity so that I had enough for the lunch box. You can cook a large quantity of the meal your children like and then freeze in small quantities before putting in the thermos.
  7. I always kept a surprise in the lunch box. It could be a nice hockey sticker (my son is a huge hockey fan), a lovely note, etc.

These kids lunch boxes ideas  helped me a lot and made this process easier. But I have to admit that preparing the lunch box is not my favorite thing!!

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  1. great ideas, have you seen the american bento style lunches that are so popular right now, cute but labor intensive. dropping in from the alexa hop, feel free to visit me at sometimesuwin.blogspot.com

  2. I need to check out the wide mouth thermos’. My son whom has disabilities decided he wants nothing to do with cold lunches when he attends Easter Seals after transitioning from school. So this means I need to find something that can be heated, put in thermos and be kept warm until lunch so he can eat at the park during the nice weather. Stopped by from Alexa hop:-).

    1. We do eat that too!!! I ran out of ideas sometimes and Mac and Cheese is easy.
      Unfortunately we are not allowed to bring peanut butter.
      thank you for stumbling.

  3. Great post! I don’t have to pack lunch boxes yet – my kids are too young, but I do have to pack snacks every time we leave the house.

    Thanks for stumbling me. I stumbled you back.

  4. I know what you’re dealing with…my mother had major issues packing my lunch! I hate white bread…and I don’t really like lunchmeat sandwiches…nor do I like jelly. So, pretty much, every day I got homemade peanut butter crackers (on Ritz only). Of course, if we had spaghetti and meatballs, I’d happily eat meatballs for lunch. That’s about it, though!

    Stumbled you…would love for you to stumble me back!


  5. Just Another Hat

    Thanks for the tips. My son is quite picky and I’m trying the bento method right now…hoping that food cut into cute shapes will help. I’m stopping by from Mailbox Monday.

    1. I think it will work. Kids love change and new things.
      Honestly, I did not do that for my son. I was working full time by then and did not have the time to cut into cute shapes!!
      Thanks for visiting our blog

  6. I only have little, little ones, so no ideas on lunches yet!

    New follower from the hop! Stop by amomcandream.blogspot.com and see me!

  7. Right now, my son is in JK, and he only goes 1/2 day. So I only do an afternoon snack. I let him pick 1 thing and he puts it in his bag.

    I make lunches for my hubby and use to do it to be sweet, now i get complaints…well until I threaten that he will make his own lunch. Funny thing is lately, I’ve been busy, and he hasn’t been getting a lunch packed, he doesn’t complain as much when he gets something LOL.

    Here from the Alexa Hop. http://www.theknitwitbyshair.com

    1. I used to make lunch for hubby but it was either too much or not enough!! When I asked him : what do you want for lunch? He answered : whatever and then I got the complaints. I stopped!!

  8. Im going to have to do this next year.
    Blake is the only one in school now and hes not a picky eater.
    Ethan and Derrick are VERY picky and just wont eat if they dont like the food!

    1. Lucky you Skye (For Blake) Mine is picky : Every morning he wakes up and asks: What’s in the lunch box today?? He won’t east if he does not like. That’s why I asked him to write down a list of his favorite meals

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