Berries Today—Healthier Families Tomorrow

by: Rita Duponty

What nutritious meals are you planning this week for your family? Getting them to eat what’s healthy is quite a challenge. I am sure you have found that common sense rules your decision-making. However, some very alarming statistics have just crossed my path that will affect my next food choices. Statistics indicate diabetes is at epidemic proportions. Here are the statistics for 2007 from the National Diabetes Fact Sheet. This is the most recent Fact Sheet.

Remember these numbers are only for the United States—not worldwide.

• 23.6 million adults and children have diabetes (7.8 of the population)
• 5.7 million cases are undiagnosed—or we could say they don’t even know
they have diabetes
• 5.7 million have pre-diabetes—Pre-diabetes means that the blood glucose
levels are higher than normal; but not high enough to be called diabetes.
• 1.6 million new cases each year (20 years and older) with diabetes

More alarming than all of these statistics is the fact that there is increasing frequency of younger ones (ages 10—19) being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. What does this mean? Type 2 diabetes has generally been a disease found in older adults not children.    Most children are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  Type 1 diabetes is termed juvenile diabetes.

The medical community is quite concerned about this crossover from Type 1 to Type 2. What are some factors contributing to Type 2 diabetes?   According to the reports, obesity in children and lack of physical activity. Yes, obesity and lack of physical activity!

So what does all of this have to do with your family’s eating plan?

Simple. Recent studies have shown that including berries with your meals may prevent or delay glucose insulin spikes or sugar spikes.  In other words include berries—strawberries, blueberries—you get the idea. If a few berries may decrease our chances of getting diabetes—especially our children, then I say go for it! To get the details of these reports just click on my blueberry picture above and go to newsletter, and read the article Fruit Antioxidants May Deter Diabetes.

Don’t forget to increase physical activities for your family; the other factor in childhood obesity and diabetes.  Oh, and have a berry good day!

47 thoughts on “Berries Today—Healthier Families Tomorrow”

    1. I’m so glad you like the post. I do put a lot of thought into what people find important. I also do a lot of volunteer work which helps me keep in touch with what people are interested in. Thanks again. I’ll be checking your blog out shortly.
      Rita D.

  1. I am here via comment love sunday on FTLOB and had to laugh when I saw this post–I just made raspberry oat muffins for us to eat as breakfast this week!

    Glad to see that they have health benefits in addition to tasting good :)

  2. Berries are a wonderful treat for kids and adults and they are chock full of healtful benefits. One thing to help keep your blood sugar from spiking after meals is fiber. Flaxseed in particular is an excellent source for maintaining proper blood sugar levels. While you won’t be able to get kiddos to chock this down, adults can easily down some in a their favorite beverage.

    I wrote a small article on the benefits of Flaxseed. Here’s the link on my blog, HERE
    but it will redirect you to where I placed it originally.

    Glad to Stumble Tumble Across your blog this Tuesday!

  3. Thank you so much for following me at Teens and a Toddler… I am sorry it took me a few days to catch up (chaos here) but I am now following you as well.

    And thank you for your post… It makes me truly happy when someone knows the difference and seperates Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. My daughter has had so many people in the last 8 years actually tell her if she ate better and got more exercise she wouldn’t be diabetic. There is nothing quite like the pain a child goes thru due to someone else’s ignorance. SO THANK YOU for knowing and posting and for the information.

    1. You are so welcome. I didn’t know the difference in Type 1 versus Type 2 until I personally researched it. My heart goes out to you for the hard work and intense care that involves the entire household when a beloved member has diabetes. You are correct. More people need to be informed. Thanks for following.
      Rita D.

  4. thanks for stopping by, I’m following you now. :)

    I would love to get my kids and hubby to eat better, it’s not easy when hubby likes so much junk. I just got some blue berries last week and they were delicious!

    1. Hi DP,

      Thanks for visting our blog.We will be checking your blog soon.
      I agree that berries do not last long. I buy in small quantities but on a regular basis. When I do my groceries, I make sure that I have at leat 3 fruits per day per person. When I am hungry, I TRY to eat fruits instead of junk.


  5. My biggest fault as a parent is how my children eat. Or how my boys eat, my daughter is an awesome eater and ops for veggies and fruit over most things.

    My boys would never touch a berry of course neither would my husband SIGH!

    1. Hi Colleen,

      Don’t blame yourself. My boy would not even look at a berry but my little girl will eat them in few seconds.
      As a parent, I try to give our children healthy guidelines. But I can’t oblige a nine year old to eat things he does not like.
      I always serve fruits and vegetables, and maybe someday he will be tempted..It takes time.

    1. Thanks Tina,
      Your comments are appreciated. We look forward to presenting pertinent and timely information
      to our fellow family. Will be checking out your site too!
      Rita D.

  6. Hi! I’m following you back. I love your site! It’s loaded with information. Thank you so much!

  7. Hi! thanks for coming by my blog :) I love these blog hops. I’m your newest GFC follower.

    I was raised by what I called an extreme health nut and now I’m very grateful for her restraint and wisdom!! I’m trying to be the same way with my 4 kids.

    1. Hi Frenchy,

      Thank you for following our blog. You are so right : there is so many junk food in the stores that it’s hard to eat healthy sometimes..But we try.

      Have a great weekend
      Ourfamilyworld Team

  8. Wow, I have to tell you I just read your last 5 posts and you really get people thinking… I love it. I love that you brought awareness to the homeless. I think we need to remember people in need all throughout the year, not just the holidays. And the listening thing… so funny. I just wrote something on that that I will post in the next couple of week. I write that the SuperNanny would give me a gigantic sloppy F in that subject when it comes to really listening to my kids… I’m working on it tho. Great blog. New follower!

    1. Stephanie,
      Thanks for reading my posts. I feel all people are valuable. If we look carefully everyone has some gift to offer.
      My life has given me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. I like to share with you the things I have
      enjoyed in my journey. I will be stopping by shortly to visit your site. Thanks so much for your lovely comments.
      Rita D.

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      It’s been much fun connecting with you too on FB.
      Looking forward to having more fun and work with you

      Have a great day

  10. Holy Cow Woman! You have quite the site here! I’m your newest GFC follower, sharing the love back from my blog. Have a great Thursday, I’m happy to be following!

    1. Hi Allegro,

      THANK YOU SO MUCH. I am glad you love our site. It means a lot to OurFamilyworld Team.

      Thank you for following back. Looking forward to read your posts.

      Have a great day
      Ourfamilyworld Team

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