Red, White and Blue Sour Skewers Recipe for Kids


Looking for a super easy and delicious recipe for your next Fourth Of July or birthday day party for kids? Try this Red, White and Blue Sour Skewers recipe. Kids and older will LOVE IT! I could not resist eating some while I was making them. They are irresistible. My little one had fun making and eating them too. She has a sweet tooth and loves the combination of sweet and sour.

I don’t make this easy treat on a daily basis, but I find it’s perfect for those birthday parties or family reunions. Kids expect sweets during those gatherings, so why not give them the pleasure of making it. It will keep them busy for a considerable portion of the party, and you won’t have to scramble for ways to keep them entertained! They can even bring them back home in their loot bag (don’t count on it much because they will gobble them in no time). To make it easier for them (and you), cut the watermelon beforehand and store it in an airtight container in the fridge. You will avoid lots of mess and kids won’t have to handle knives or scissors during the party. Now let’s see how you can make this easy treat for kids.

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Red White and Blue Sour Skewers Recipe

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1. First, chop your watermelon into small squares that will easily slide on the pick.


2. Next, cut your marshmallows in half long ways. I used scissors to do this as it made a cleaner and easier cut.


3. Take your pick and begin by putting on the marshmallow half first.

4. Place your sour patch kid on long ways next.

5. Finally, place your watermelon square on last and give it a little push, so the juice from the Watermelon soaks into the sour patch kid. This allows the sour to spread slightly to both the Watermelon and the marshmallow without making anything soggy.


Voilà! Isn’t it an easy recipe for kids to make during a party or during a Fourth of July gathering! It’s also great for Memorial Day, Labor Day or any other patriotic holiday.


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What types for Fourth of July recipes do you make with your kids? Have you ever made a sour skewer recipe with different fruits before? Share in the comments!

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  1. This is a great idea for the kids to make. I will have to get the supplies for this weekend so the kids can try them.

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