Outer Space Party Cake Recipe – Make and Decorate an Outer Space Cake and Cupcakes

Outer Space Party Cake Recipe - Make and Decorate an Outer Space Cake and Cupcakes

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A party isn’t complete if there isn’t cake or cupcakes and that is true if you’re planning an Outer Space Party too.  Over at My Kids Guide, you’ve already heard some great ideas for games and a super cute idea for a craft.  Now, take a look at these little rocket ship cupcakes and cake recipe. It’s such a fun recipe for kids!

Outer Space Party Cake Recipe – Make and Decorate an Outer Space Cake and Cupcakes

Ingredients and Supplies:

  • 2 layers of 6″ round cake and 1 dozen cupcakes cooled and ready to decorate
  • prepared buttercream frosting
  • prepared fondant in blue and white
  • blue and silver shimmer powder
  • small paint brush
  • prepared royal icing in green and orange in piping bag with #2 round tip
  • small star cutter
  • circle cookie cutters – 3″ round and 6″ round
  • sharp knife
  • icing knife
  • fondant rolling pin


Step 1

Cover the tops of your cupcakes with a generous amount of buttercream frosting.  It does not have to be fancy or perfect as it will be covered with our homemade fondant topper.

Step 2

Stack and frost the 2 layers of 6″ round cakes.  Apply a thin layer of frosting first with your icing knife, smoothing it as best as you can.  Freeze the cake for 20-30 minutes and apply another layer of buttercream to the cake.  This layer will be thicker.  Use the icing knife to carefully smooth the icing to a very smooth finish.

Step 3

With the small paint brush, dust the sides of the 6″ cake with the blue and silver shimmer powder.  It will start to look like clouds against a blue sky.

Step 4


Roll out the white fondant and use a sharp knife to cut the rocket pieces as shown here.  You’ll cut one set for your cake and then several smaller sets for the cupcakes.  Cut several small stars from the white fondant as well.

Assemble the rocket pieces to create rockets for the cake and cupcakes.


Step 5

Roll out the blue fondant.  Cut out 1 6″ circle and 12 3″ circles.

Step 6 

Add the rocket ship and stars to the top of the blue circles and move the blue circles to the top of the cake and cupcakes.

Step 7

Use a small amount of silver shimmer dust to color the stars silver and leave a trace of silver onto the blue background to look like a galaxy.

Step 8

Add orange and green royal icing to each rocket ship for detail as shown.


Step 9

Surround the small cake with the matching cupcakes and serve!  Your guests will be seeing stars!

If you’re looking for a great recipe for this cake.  Check out our Rio 2 Movie Party Cake Recipe  for a delicious and healthy option!


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  1. I love this, it’s so cute! My grandson’s birthday is in August and this would be perfect for him!

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