Kitchen Safety Tips for Kids

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Knowing your way around a kitchen means understanding all kitchen safety hazards, especially once you have children. The cooker or stove range is perhaps one of the most dangerous appliances in a kitchen as far as children are concerned as kids might place their hands on hot stoves or get scalded by hot water/hot food among other possibilities. Teach your child about kitchen safety to avoid any accidents; many tips should be employed by you as well!

1) Have your cooker properly installed. Purchase a cooker from a quality website that offers installation service to avoid improper installation of a range or cooker, which can result in potential hazards.

2) Explain about the fire extinguisher. Teach your children about how a fire extinguisher works and how to use it if necessary to put out small kitchen fires. Also teach them when to call 911.

3) Keep all pan handles in. When using your range, remember to keep all pan and pot handles turned inward so they do not extend past the range itself. Anyone in the household can accidentally bump a pot or pan handle and spill hot food or liquid on themselves.

4) Wear an apron and oven mitts. Impart the importance of wearing aprons and oven mitts to your kids. The apron protects the clothes and skin from hot food and water as it provides an extra layer of protection from all things hot. The importance of protecting the hands with quality oven mitts should also be emphasized.

5) Never leave cooking food unattended. Stay within easy walking distance of all cooking pots and pans to avoid excessive spills and even small fires. Teach your children that they must stay in or near the kitchen at all times when cooking food to avoid such disasters.

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  1. Even when I’m not cooking at HOME (ie: at a friends house and my kids aren’t with me), I turn the pot handles in. It’s such a good habit!

    1. Cheryl, You might also find it interesting to note that unattended cooking equipment is the leading cause of kitchen fires in the United States.

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