14 Healthy Toddler Lunch Ideas That Even Your Picky Tot Will Devour!

Looking for healthy toddler lunch ideas that your tiny tot won’t throw across the room? We’ve been there and totally get you. We’ve come up with two weeks worth of easy lunches that even picky tots will love!

Looking for healthy toddler lunch ideas that your tiny tot won't throw across the room? We've been there and totally get you. We've come up with two weeks worth of easy lunches that even picky tots will love! 


If you thought finding healthy breakfast ideas for your tot was hard, wait until lunch time! Between laundry, dishes, and naptime you have to sneak a healthy lunch into your toddler. Sometimes that is much easier said than done. A long list of to do’s, a picky toddler, and lack of ideas can all make it a little tricky.  Try one of these 14 ideas I have rounded up for you.



Healthy Toddler Lunch Ideas


1.Shish Kabob Sandwiches

We have these great shish kabob sandwiches that your little one will love, cut grapes in half and cut meat and cheese smaller to modify it for little mouths.Get the recipe.

2.Veggie Muffins


Pureed Veggies make it easy to sneak some healthy ingredients into a fun muffin shaped lunch that is sure to bring a smile and get some food in that busy little belly. Get the recipe.

3.Zucchini Pizza Bites

Low carb, gluten free these little pizza cups are a great small self contained lunch that will have your tot asking for more. Get the recipe.

4. Silly Sandwich

Older tots that can handle a larger sandwich will love this unique “uncrustable” type sandwich stuffed with some of their favorite ingredients from Seasonal Family Fun.Get the recipe.

5. Pretzel Crusted Chicken Nuggets

These pretzel crusted chicken nuggets with dipping sauce from You Brew My Tea make a great lunchtime treat . Be sure your pretzels are crushed up fine for little ones.Get the recipe.

6. Chicken & Vegetables Muffin

A little handheld lunch is exactly what toddlers are craving, this one combines cheese, leftover chicken, and frozen veggies to pack a healthy punch! Get the recipe.

7. Cheesy Broccoli-Bacon Mac Bites

Sippy Cup Mom gives us a way to get some green veggies into our littlest of picky eaters with these mini mac and cheeses. Get the recipe.

8. Simple Quinoa Salad

Mini bites of fresh veggies like tomato, squash, and zucchini mixed with quinoa make a healthy and easy to eat lunch. Get the recipe.

9. Easy Cheese Pasta Dinner

Larger pasta is always a great option for kids learning to use their pincher grasp and testing out forks. This cheesy option is sure to be a hit with the potty training set. Get the recipe.

10. Air Fryer Chicken Nugget

Chicken nuggets are a favorite for most from the first time your child falls in love with finger foods. Give them a healthy makeover by preparing them in the air fryer. Get the recipe.

11. Flower Sandwiches

While this sweet flower sandwich may be for older kids I think it can easily be adapted for small ones by cutting your pieces smaller for tiny hands and mouths. Get the recipe.

12. Ham & Cheese Pinwheels

You know those days when you desperately need to get to the grocery store but you have like 2 pieces of ham and one lonely tortilla in the package in the fridge? You can still turn it into something like these eye catching pinwheels for tiny tots to devour. Get the recipe.

13. Green Smoothie

 Sometimes you just can’t get them to stop and eat even the cutest of little bite sized pieces so things like smoothies packed with greens can be a lifesaver! Get the recipe.

14. Pesto Pasta

 This easy dish is one that toddlers can eat with their hands or practice their fork skills on and gives them veggies and grains for midday energy. Get the recipe.


Use these 14 recipes to plan two weeks of toddler lunch ideas. Your tot may not like all of them, but by the end of two weeks, you’ll have a good idea of which recipes to keep in rotation. Once you have a few “foundation” recipes, add in other sides to expand your child’s palate.

Do you have any favorite healthy toddler breakfast ideas? Share below!


11 thoughts on “14 Healthy Toddler Lunch Ideas That Even Your Picky Tot Will Devour!”

  1. Those all look so delicious, in fact some of those I’d take for lunch at work myself! These are definitely great healthy choices for little ones that will keep them full until dinner so you don’t have to worry about snacks or sugar crashes.

  2. Blair Villanueva

    These looks delicious even we adults will compete with toddlers eating these lunch :)
    Bookmarking this post because its so cool!

  3. Such fun ideas for kids! I just spent a few days with my grandchildren and (of course) we cooked together. Some of our favorites were mini sweet potato muffins and green smoothies that were named after The Incredible Hulk. x

  4. Not just of kids, though! My partner is a fussy eater and some of these ideas would be great for him too especially the fowler sandwiches. He would get a kick out of it if I made him those.

  5. All of these look so delicious! Perfect even for adults I think! I like the broccoli mac and cheese except I’d leave the bacon out! Thanks for suggestions! I might make it for myself xD

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