Cute & Simple Pom Pom Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids


Need a great idea to keep kids busy on those cold, winter days? This Pom Pom Valentine’s Day craft for kids is so cute and super simple to make! Chances are, you already have most of the supplies on hand. For those you don’t, here’s a hint: since Valentine’s Day and Christmas share red as a common color, check the holiday clearance section first for supplies. This goes for all your Valentine’s Day decor and crafts, not just this one. I found a huge role of red tulle stuff on sale for $1, versus almost the same exact red tulle in the Valentine’s Day craft section for full price.

Ready to see how easy it is to make this Pom Pom Valentine’s Day craft for kids? Remember, these are guidelines. This is one of those crafts where kids lead the way. Let them switch things up if they want.

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Pom Pom Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids

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How to Make:

Step 1.) Print out the heart shown below or use the red marker to draw a read heart on the white paper.
Step 2.) Have your child draw with the crayons (And write if they know how) to decorate their Valentine heart.
Step 3.) Have the child use the glue to secure the pom poms to the outside edge of the heart.

That’s it! So easy, right? Isn’t it adorable? You can hang the finished product on your fridge, frame it and hang it on the wall or use it as a handmade card to give to dad, grandma or other special relatives. Looking for other cute Valentine’s Day crafts for kids? Check out our Love Bug craft!valentines-day-craft-for-kids-pom-pom

Our DIY Sign Language of Love card is also incredibly cute and easy!


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Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day craft for kids? Tell us about it in the comments!


32 thoughts on “Cute & Simple Pom Pom Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids”

  1. That is such a cute idea. I love it! I can’t wait to check out all these other ideas as well. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. I love Valentine’s day crafts! I know my daughters have a lot of fun with them as well. These would be some great crafts to make with my girls.

  3. These are all really cute cool ideas for kids for Valentines Day. I love the hand symbolizing the peace sign on the card and the love bug craft. Thanks for sharing these awesome crafts for kids.

  4. The next special day after New Year’s Day is Valentine’s Day. It will be wise to prepare early for it, especially if you’re giving a big number of DIY cards or crafts to people who are dear. The pom poms look cute!

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