Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids


Just because it is Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean kids have to be loaded up with sugary sweets. There are so many other alternatives out there that are fun but not candy-related. Here are some non-candy Valentine’s Day ideas for kids. These little trinkets and treats can be placed in small Ziploc bags and signs and sayings can be stapled on these bags.

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Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids


Kids love popcorn so because of this, they make the ideal Valentine treat. You just need some single serve bags of popcorn and a label that says, “To a popular friend” or “You make my heart pop.”  Tape or staple the label to the single serve bag.

Apple slices

Place some apple slices in some Ziploc bags or just purchase individual bags of apple slices. Apples are healthy, and kids love them. Tape a label saying, “You are the apple of my eye” to the top of the apple slices bag.



Valentine-themed pencils make great treats for kids, especially when combined with you super easy and cute Pencil Topper note! Check out the instructions on how to make this DIY Valentine’s Day gift!


Add some grapes to the bag along with a label that says “You’re my favorite out of the whole bunch.” Grapes are a healthy alternative to candy.


You don’t need a Ziploc bag for this one but you certainly can use them if you would like. Instead, gather some mini Cheerios cereal boxes. Then, just create a label saying, “You’re O so special to me,” and then just glue the label to the mini box or staple it to the Ziploc bag. You can also use other types of cereal like Lucky Charms, “You’re my lucky charm!” or Golden Grahams, “Our friendship is golden.”




Books are one of my favorite non-candy Valentine’s Day ideas for kids because they encourage a love of learning. Check out a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day books for kids!

Bouncy balls

Bouncy balls are something that entertain kids for hours on end. Place two or three bouncy balls into a Ziploc bag and staple a label that says, “Have a ball this Valentine’s Day.”


Craft a bag with mini bottles of bubbles and attach a label that says, “You’re my fun, bubble friend.”


These are just a few fun ideas for non-candy Valentine’s Day ideas for kids to get you started. Think outside the chocolate box and you’ll come up with plenty of ways to celebrate the holiday without the sugar rush!

What are your favorite non-candy Valentine’s Day ideas for kids? Tell us in the comments!

25 thoughts on “Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids”

  1. These are all so cute, especially the pencil one. I cant wait to make Valentines with my daughter this year. P.S. It is hard to comment on your blog because of the social icons bar. It is in the way. Just FYI.

  2. All great ideas but I think I love the pencil idea the best–fun and practical at the same time! These are also great if your kid has a classmate with allergies, no worry about anyone feeling left out!

  3. I love the idea of books for Valentine’s Day – there are so many appropriate options! Plus, my kids are big readers, and I always love any excuse for a new book!

  4. I”m the mom known for non-candy ideas. Kids get plenty of candy from other places so I don’t feel the need to add to it. Kids seem to like a little something different mixed in with the candy. Great ideas for Valentine’s Day.

  5. Fantastic ideas and I like that they are not sweets. Gotta love the catchphrases especially the one for cheerios it did make me chuckle haha

  6. Krystal Miller (@hhtfamilyblog)

    Great ideas! We don’t get candy for our kids but they always end up with some from other sources it seems! We love to give books at holidays.

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