7 Valentine’s Day Gifts You DON’T Want

I have been on the receiving end of some bad gifts. If you need a laugh check out 7 the Valentine’s Day Gifts You DON’T Want, your sweetie will thank us!

I have been on the receiving end of some terrible gifts and trust me these are Valentine’s Day Gifts You, DON’T Want. My husband does pretty well, but during my dating years, I received some real gems, bless their hearts. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should be thoughtful. Here is my list of Valentine’s Day gifts you don’t want, and your sweetie does not want them either!

7 Valentine’s Day Gifts You DON’T Want

A Lint Roller

Ok, I know what you are thinking. Who in their right mind would give their Valentine a lint roller? I have a friend who did. He’s my version of Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory. My friend wanted to get his girlfriend something for her new cat because she was excited. He remembered she complained about the fur on her couch, and bought her a lint roller for Valentine’s Day. Somehow, these two ended up married, but I wouldn’t count on it working for everyone!

A Bathroom Scale

No, just no. I don’t care if your Valentine asks for a scale. This is never EVER a good idea. No matter your intent, this gift says “hey, there is something I don’t like about you,” even if that is not the intention.


Valentine’s Day is not the time for a device that cleans or cooks. These devices remind people of jobs that they do not like doing such as cleaning and chores. I have broken this rule before, but only after we both talked about it thoroughly. Don’t surprise your sweetie with an appliance, it may not be well received.

Fast Food For Dinner

Squeezing into a plastic booth on Valentine’s Day is usually not a very thoughtful gesture. Check out other affordable options or make dinner for your sweetie. If you want Taco Bell, eat homemade nachos by candlelight instead!

Regifted Ex’s Gifts

That mix of music you made for your sweetie last Valentine’s Day? Don’t gift it to your new Valentine. This happened to me. The music was great until between songs my ex-said “Happy Valentine’s Day” to another girl in the middle of the music. Things did not last long after that. Also, skip stuffed animals or any other gift you may have received back in a breakup. If it showed up at your door in a box from your ex, don’t gift it.

Relationship Self-Help Book

Look, I love a good self-help book as much as the next person. If you get your sweetie a book about how to help improve communication in your relationship, you might have missed the point of the book. This gift sends signals of “we need to talk” or “maybe we should try couples counseling.” Have the relationship heart to heart before Valentine’s Day, and go for a more sentimental gift.


I know this one may be met with a few raised eyebrows. Some couples simply do not exchange Valentine’s Day gifts. To each their own for sure, not every couple exchanges gifts. What you should do is is tell your sweetie you love them in a thoughtful way. Write them a poem, leave a piece of chocolate in their lunch with a note, or plan an iPad free night watching Netflix together. Spending time with the person you love is important.

Many people like to act like they do not care about Valentine’s Day. While I am not expecting a grand gesture for the holiday, I think the most important part is to let your sweetie know you care.

So tell me in the comments, I want to hear your stories. What was the worst Valentine’s gift you’ve ever received? What are some Valentine’s gifts you don’t want?

9 thoughts on “7 Valentine’s Day Gifts You DON’T Want”

  1. On year my husband and I couldn’t afford a fancy dinner so we did enjoy some fast food. I think the company you are with is what makes it special.

  2. My boyfriend and I personally don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. I’ll do something little here and there but ultimately our philosophy is love, cherish, and spoil each other EVERY day instead of just one. That being said it’s nice that couples like to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Like you said, to each their own :)

    I like the lint roller story; it’s actually very sweet if you think about it.

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