Grab the Cauldron & Bubble Up a Witches Brew Halloween Drink For Kids

Get out the cauldrons, it’s time to bubble up a delicious witches brew Halloween drink for kids! We promise, it’s easy! No toil and trouble here! Actually, you don’t even need to “fire” up anything. Okay, I totally blew that Macbeth reference!  Anyway, this is such a fun Halloween drink for kids because it takes so little to make, yet looks so spooky and wicked. It’s perfect for Halloween parties, a treat before trick or treating or just to celebrate the season.

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Witches Brew Halloween Drink for Kids

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(Note: We’re not listing amounts because it depends on the size of your pitcher. See instructions to determine how much you’ll need.)

  • Grape Juice (you’ll want the dark kind, not the white grape juice)
  • Ginger ale
  • Black Licorice flavoring (if your kids really don’t like this flavor, you can use another flavoring)

Directions for this Halloween drink for kids:

  • Fill a pitcher 3/4 of the way with ice
  • Pour in Grape Juice 1/2 way full
  • Add Ginger-ale till you are 3/4 of the way full (you don’t want to go to the top because you’re going to get fizz)
  • Now add 2 Tbsp. of licorice flavoring

That’s all it takes! Serve the Witches Brew in fun, spooky Halloween-themed cups or mugs. Or use cool Halloween beverage clings to turn your ordinary glasses into nifty seasonal ones.

Double, double toil & trouble! It's time to bubble up a fun Halloween drink for kids! Make this Witches Brew in just a few minutes! Perfect for parties!


  • As mentioned above, you can use other flavors if your kids aren’t fans of licorice. A few ideas that go well with grape juice include: blueberry, strawberry, apple and pear.
  • If you don’t want to go to the expense of buying seasonal cups (I have so many that I pack away and forget about every year!), you can make this fun by grabbing some funky Halloween straws. We opted for blue and yellow, but traditional orange and white is fun too! I love these from Birthday Express:



  • If you’re serving this fun Halloween drink for kids as a party punch, put it in a cauldron and let kids use a ladle to scoop it into their cups. Or if you have young kids, maybe have a grownup do it, unless you like mopping up Witches Brew! Amazon has everything from plastic cauldrons to really cool cast-iron ones. It depends on how much you’re willing to spend on your soiree.
  • Amazon has a bunch of natural ginger ales if you prefer to go that route. You can also find it in your local health food store. Of course, you could just get it off the shelf in the soda aisle at your store. You’re only using a little bit to make it fizz and give the Witches Brew a kick!

I think that about covers it! Really, this is such a simple and fun Halloween drink for kids! Most of the work is in the extra details, and you can feel free to skip those steps!

There are so many different ways to make up Witches Brew! Have you ever made your own version of this Halloween drink for kids? Tell us what you used! 

21 thoughts on “Grab the Cauldron & Bubble Up a Witches Brew Halloween Drink For Kids”

  1. Great idea you are ready for halloween festivity with the drinks color spooky can’t believe its only grape juice and ginger ale how creative. The teens would love this kind of party thanks for sharing.

  2. What FUN! I saw this on twitter and had to have a look! I am thinking since we do not like black licorice what else to use but I mean any flavor would work right? I am thinking the grape juice alone would be yummy with the ginger ale! Does it change the color at all? Either way what a fun bubbly drink for Halloween and oh I totally got your Macbeth reference lol

  3. This makes an pretty spooky drink. I bet both kids & adults will enjoy it. I’d get spooked but it’s soooo perfect for Halloween 🙂

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