7 Halloween Craft Activities for Children

By Diane Johnson:
Since Halloween is one of the most loved holidays of the year, finding projects to do that relate to this occasion are abundant. The most obvious crafts are carving pumpkins and making costumes. Still, there is a good list of other favorite Halloween activities for children to include when you want to have some old-fashioned family fun.


Here are 7 great Halloween ideas to choose from:

1. Pumpkin Crafts – selecting and carving the traditional Jack O’Lantern  is usually number one on this list. New ways to create pumpkin characters include layered carving, drawing the face with paint or markers and using a pointed object to punch holes in the face that allow light to shine through. All carving or crafts that utilize sharp objects like a knife or pumpkin carving tool should be supervised by an adult when children are involved.
2. Costumes and Masks – Have the children design their own costumes, within reason and your sewing abilities. They can use paper plates, construction paper and markers to design a mask; be sure there is sufficient vision capability whenever any mask is used. Some parents prefer to use face paint and wigs rather than any type of mask that covers the face and might impede vision.
3. Bones Games –get creative and make a skeleton on construction paper using macaroni pieces for the bones, glued to the paper. Or, create a large size skeleton from bone-shaped pieces of paper that the children can mark with proper names of each type of bone.
4. Creative Holiday Cards and/or Invitations –Play a fun party for the kids to celebrate the holiday at home or school. Have them create uniquely shaped cards that resemble a coffin with a pop up skeleton inside that contains the party information. Pop up cards are ideal to make for seasonally scary events and parties.
5. Balloon Crafts –These are fun for Halloween because it is so easy to make one look like a big pumpkin. The helium filled ones will float in the air; tie them to something so they don’t get away from the children. Another good project for balloons is making a big black spider with hanging legs to scare visitors. Create a unique mobile by starting with a big helium filled balloon that is decorated with Halloween goodies and symbols.
6. Try Making a Halloween Tree – Decorate like a Christmas or Valentine’s Day tree, but use spooky decorations that the youngsters have created. Tie on some small pieces of candy also and wrap with orange and black crepe paper streamers. This can be used for indoor or outdoor decoration trees or plants.
7. Puzzles –Have the kids draw up a Halloween theme maze, complete with hidden treasures, trap doors, ghosts, skeletons in the closets, pumpkins and other holiday icons.Like many holidays, buying treats, decorations and costumes can run up a large expense. Cut costs by having the children join in these types of homemade activities to make their own decorations, cards, invitations and other symbols of the Halloween season. They will love these projects, and all you need to do is provide some basic supplies and inspiration to make it successful. Best of all, you can participate and make this so much more meaningful to your family.
About the author: Diane Johnson writes about a number of her interests including online classes, shopping, and celebrating holidays.