Halloween Decoration Ideas That Sparkle and Scare

Coming up with Halloween decoration ideas is one of my favorite things to do!  I love to get my daughter involved in some crafts that helps deck the house out in a spooky yet cool and kid-friendly manner.  Of course we do all the construction paper decorations like witches and pumpkins, but what is really fun is to delve a little deeper and get really creative!  Read on for some outside-the-box thinking on your Halloween decoration ideas!

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Halloween Decoration Ideas That Sparkle and Scare

Pumpkin Cooler: If you are throwing a Halloween party, don’t grab your ugly old camping coolers, get a few extra pumpkins!  Put the kids to work cleaning out the guts and seeds and then fill them with ice and place a few beverages in them!  

Toilet paper roll bat: Start saving up those empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls!  The kids will love this fun project.  You can paint the rolls black or have the kids color them.  Cut out wings to glue to glue or tape to the back, and then 2 googly eyes.  Bend the top and bottom inwards so they look like bat ears.  You can make a bunch and have them flying around the house!

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Glitter webs: My daughter will love this project and it is so easy!  All you need is glitter, Elmer’s glue and wax paper.  Using the glue, draw a web on the wax paper, and while it is still wet, cover it in glitter.  Let it dry, and then peel it off the wax paper.  You can place them under bowls of candy or candles.  

Halloween Decoration Ideas That Sparkle and Scare

Freaky family photos: Don’t use your originals!  Make copies of a few photos, and get some dollar store frames.  Poke holes in the eyes, and use Christmas lights to make the eyes glow from behind.  Set them all up together on a table with some old books and candles and some spider webbing and you have one freaky Halloween setup!

Leave a little blood: If you are into the gore side of Halloween, this one is for you!  I actually did this with my family one year, it was fun.  You just need some red poster paint and paper plate (for pouring the paint onto).  Have each family member stick their hands in the paint and leave their ‘bloody’ prints on the windows and door.  Make it look real, and smear a few a bit too!

Halloween Decoration Ideas That Sparkle and Scare

Don’t forget to look up! One thing I love about decorating for any holiday, is doing something you wouldn’t think of, like turning the ceiling fan into bat wings.  Using black paper, cut out enough bat wings to cover each blade.  It is the little, almost hidden things when decorating that really make a difference!

I think my daughter’s fave this year is going to be the glitter webs, she loves anything that glitters.  However my fave is when you do something unexpected like turning your ceiling fan into bat wings!

 What is your favorite Halloween decoration ideas that you have done over the years?  Share with us in the comments section below!

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  1. LOVE the Glitter Web idea! The other not so much haha but I suppose my son would have loved it when he was little although my daughter (almost 21) is a fan of Dexter so lol maybe she will like it 🙂

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