Halloween Costumes for Adults (That Won’t Embarrass the Kids)


Adult Halloween costumes can run the spectrum of appropriateness.  We have all seen the scantily clad nurses and police officers.  Let’s be honest, as parents, we just want a really cool Halloween costume that is not going to embarrass the kids while trick or treating or handing out candy.  You can find appropriate adult costumes and here is a list to help give you some ideas.

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Halloween Costumes for Adults

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Anna Princess of Arendelle: Like or not Frozen is still popular!  So why not join in on the fun and dress as Ana.  Some (okay, my 6 year old daughter) don’t like her as much as Elsa, so let’s put her into the limelight!  This costume comes with the dress and cape, but not the boots (or Olaf).

Adult Prestige Anna Traveling Costume Halloween Costumes for Adults (That Won't Embarrass the Kids)

Olaf: You know he will be the life of the party!  And a hit when you go trick or treating.  I like this one because the headpiece is a complete headpiece, meaning your face isn’t sticking out, taking away from the costume.  Olaf’s mouth is a mesh piece, so you can see and breathe.  It is the perfect addition your Frozen family costumes!

Adult Deluxe Olaf Costume Halloween Costumes for Adults (That Won't Embarrass the Kids)

Minion: Does this little guy really need a description?  I am sure you have seen the movie at least once.  You are no doubt going to be the only minion running around this Halloween!  You might just be the only adult minion though.  The only thing you are missing in this costume is the shoes, it comes with everything else you need to go trick or treating as Kevin, including a printed jumpsuit, headpiece and goggles.  

Despicable Me Female Minion Adult Costume

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Star Wars Chewbacca: Who would not love to dress up as Chewbacca?!  This one is the Collector’s Edition, you can find others, but this one is more legit.  Your Chewbacca costume comes with a bodysuit and headpiece and both covered in fur (faux of course).  This is definitely the costume you want if you are a Star Wars fan!

Star Wars Super Deluxe Chewbacca Adult Costume - Star Wars Costumes

Maleficent: This is an amazing costume and part of Disney’s Descendants and is a deluxe costume.  There is no way you could not ‘get into character’ while wearing this amazing costume.  It comes with everything you need except the boots.  You will get the  dress, high back collar and the headpiece.  If you are heading to a Halloween party, you will definitely be in the running for best costume.
Maleficent Christening Adult Costume - Disney's Maleficent Costumes
You can always go with the tried and true 80’s punk rocker look or get creative, but there is something about walking around in a full blown costume.  You can get into character for the night.  Whatever you decide to go as, take lots of pictures and capture the moment!  

What have you dressed up as in the past?  What are you thinking you might go as this year?  Post your ideas for Halloween costumes for adults below!

22 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes for Adults (That Won’t Embarrass the Kids)”

  1. I have not dressed up for Halloween in years and this year I think I am ready to do it. I love the Minions so that would be the costume for me. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Love getting dressed up for Halloween. My boss sorta makes us but we all love it anyway. Really like the Maleficent one!

  3. The Anna, Olaf, and Maleficent costumes are awesome! It’s spot on! Funny title though, I think no matter what we wear they will feel embarrassed. Lol.

  4. My kids would getting shy when i dress up like this. But my friend would loves a Maleficent costumes and i will pass this to her. I will also check the prices.

  5. Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday but I stopped dressing up many years ago. Now I watch and the children dress up, an d I really enjoy it! These costumes are terrific for grown-ups who don’t want to embarrass their children. But what fun is Halloween without a little bit of leg?

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