5 Easy Peasy Halloween Wreaths


Wreaths are one of those things that just seem to complete a front door, and a Halloween wreath is no different!  It is elegant yet fun and spooky at the same time.  You can get so creative with wreaths, from detailed to simple and spooky and fun and colorful.  Here are a few of my faves I have found (and plan to try!)

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Easy Peasy Halloween Wreaths

Halloween Polka Dot Wreath from Me and Mine : This is so simple and quick, yet so beautiful!  All you need is some polka dot fabric, this particular one shows white with small black dots, but you can choose a different size polka dot.  Add a cute orange bow (which you can purchase, or if you are crafty, make your own), hang it with a feminine piece of lace, and voila!  

Easy Peasy Halloween Wreaths

Batty Wreath from Carina Gardner : Go a little batty!  You can get the kiddos involved in this one.  Gather up all that patterned scrapbook paper you have lying around.  Stick to Halloween colors (orange, black, white and purple) to make it festive.  The kids can trace a bat stencil and cut them out, then glue them to the wreath.  You can choose to use a branch wreath (like the one they show) or you can wrap a styrofoam wreath in black or orange fabric.  Use a colored ribbon to hang at your door!

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Spooky Halloween Wreath from Crafty Loo’s : This one might be my favorite.  Using a branch wreath, spray paint it black.  At your local dollar store you can find a black crow, a cute sign (this one says ‘spooky’) and a little filler to act as a nest for the crow.  Very eerie looking!

Spooky Halloween Wreath

Halloween Ribbon Wreath from The Speckled Dog : This is another one of my faves!  Maybe because it is so simple and fun.  All you need is a bunch of different patterned ribbon and fabric.  Choose Halloween colors, but different patterns.  Using a styrofoam wreath, wrap the ribbons and fabric around it.  You can add a cute bow in a matching color, and hang with a black ribbon.

Candy Corn Wreath from Spearmint Baby : Got a bunch of candy corn no one is eating?  You can turn it into a festive Halloween wreath!  For this one, you aren’t going to need styrofoam or a branch wreath, instead you are going cut cardboard into a circle (a donut shape really, to get that ‘wreath’ look).  Simply glue the candies to the cardboard (which you could spray paint black or orange, or even purple so it pops out from behind the candy!)  Use a wide satin black ribbon for hanging and your are done!

Did we get your creative juices flowing?  Making a Halloween wreath doesn’t have to be a daunting task, it should be fun!  Check your Halloween decorations, are there some things are that are old or broken that you can use in your wreath?  

Which one is your fave easy Halloween wreath?  Let us know in the comments below, and post a pic of your final project!

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  1. Love the wreaths! I like the “spooky” one because it looks more halloween. The others are still cute. Good thing they are easy to do. Hope this would encourage more people to do their own wreaths – fun and bonding with family.

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