Fun Easter Craft: Think Spring Easter Candle Holder

Easter craft for kids Easter candle holder

Who is in the mood for a fun and frugal Easter craft? If you raised your hand, you will like this Think Spring Easter Candle Holder. Made using a few simple dollar store materials, this fun Easter candle holder will look great with a battery operated votive inside. You can use it to decorate your Easter table, or even get creative with it in your office. Take a peek at how to make your own and get this great look for less.


Fun Easter Craft: Think Spring Easter Candle Holder

Supplies needed:


We shared a few affiliate links to help you find supplies you need for this easy Easter craft.

We were able to find all of our supplies at a local craft store. You can also find items such as the silk flowers and candle holder at your local craft store for just $1 each. Of course, you can always check your craft supplies stash to see what may work as well.

1. Begin by cutting a thick strip of scrapbook paper. Wrap it around the vase and snip off any extra. Secure it to the vase with glue.
2. Next, attach the silk flowers. We stuck ours directly on the edge of the holder. This made it look like it was coming out of the holder like a vase. If you like this look give it a try! However if you use this option, only use battery operated votives inside.
3. Last, stick the plastic pinwheel inside of the holder. This gives it another fun element of color and charm. Again, only use battery operated votives since the pinwheel will be in the holder as well.

Now all you need to do is drop the votive in and watch it glow. This Think Spring Easter Candle Holder can be made quickly and for just a couple of dollars, so put it on your spring To Do list! You are sure to create something just as fun and special. Take a look at some more fun Easter crafts that you’ll just love!

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  1. How cute! That looks like a great Easter craft. With today being Ash Wednesday, it is time to start thinking about our Easter plans.

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