How to Choose an Adorable Easter Bunny Costume for Girls

Easter is an important celebration for Christians. The day is celebrated as resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday and marks the end of fasting, prayer, and penance for forty days. For kids, it is also a fun time as they can dress up in funny Easter Bunny costumes and they really look cute in these costumes.


You can buy these costumes in the market or even make them yourself. You just need to be a bit creative. Sometimes you will even come across adults wearing these costumes. Let us talk about some great Easter Bunny Costumes for girls.

Choose a fun Easter bunny costume for girls

Easter is just the right time to dress up your little girl in some cute Easter bunny costumes that will really look awesome on her.  You can get the costume in any color you want. Little girls look cute in any color, pastel or bright. You can pick an adorable theme and Easter Bunny costume in the stores. There are plenty of options and choices in attractive colors. These costumes are made in lucre or soft furry material. Little girls prefer wearing them for fancy parties at Easter. or at fun Easter activities, like egg-hunting.



The Mascot-Style Easter Bunny costume is one of the most popular among girls during the Easter season. You will find them in soft colors and material. Popular colors are grey, pink, cream, blue etc. in pastel shades. These costumes are most preferred among kids as they are comfortable to wear and the child can have all the fun at the Easter celebrations. Just keep in mind that they can be a little toasty, so it you have really warm weather, you may want to opt for another style. On the flip side, if it’s still a little frigid in your parts of the world, the mascot-style Easter bunny costume for girls is perfect for keeping her warm while she’s egg hunting!

White bunny dress costume


This is another favorite among girls. They really look cute in that bunny dress and with long pink fuzzy ears. I just love the pink belly and all the fun accents throughout the costume! Pair the outfit with white tights to keep her little legs warm when doing outdoor Easter activities.


Easter Bunny Tutu Skirt
If your little girl is not very fond of the bunny suit, you can dress her up in a little bunny tutu skirt  Just add furry socks and a hair band with big rabbit ears, and you’ll have a complete adorable Easter bunny costumes for girls. She will love it and really look cute in it.

 A Carrot Dress


If your toddler puts up a fuss when you try to dress her up in a whole Easter bunny costume for girls, go the more subtle route with an adorable, Easter-themed carrot dress. The red and orange tulle skirt will really help her stand out in a crowd, while the knit bodice will be soft against her sensitive toddler skin.

Pink Bunny Costume


If your miniature fashionista isn’t really feeling the traditional Easter bunny costume for girls, try enticing her with an adorable pink bunny costume! The cute ears and furry legwarmers really complete the look. She’ll be the most fashionable Easter bunny around!

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