Five Tips for Creating Healthier Easter Baskets


Easter baskets are renowned for containing all things that are bad for us. Traditions have said that we stuff them with candy, chocolate and all things fattening. Peeps and various other sugar laden treats are a part of Easter that is not likely to go away anytime soon. Like Halloween, the sugar seems to be an ingrained part of it. When we make Easter baskets, however, nothing says we can’t find a way to make them healthier. Here are some  tips for creating healthier Easter baskets that might help you out.

 Five Tips for Creating Healthier Easter Baskets

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Five Tips for Creating Healthier Easter Baskets

Stick in a bit of fruit

No matter how much you might like that sugar, nature’s candy is always a good choice. Fruits are a fantastic way to jazz up a fruit basket without having to put in tons of bad for you things. Fruit comes in all kinds of shapes and colors too so they are visually gorgeous.

Veggies are not always yucky

Veggies get a horrible rap but not all of them are bland. You can get some pretty awesome flavors from carrots, celery and cucumbers for example. Throw in some good for you dips and sauces and suddenly that good for you Easter basket is not so bad. Try to mix and match some fruit and vegetables and you might be surprised at how popular your Easter baskets are.


Consider dark chocolate

Five Tips for Creating Healthier Easter Baskets

Dark chocolate is thought to have many wonderful properties that can actually be healthy if eaten in moderation. In fact, some doctors go so far as to say that dark chocolate can be a good addition to your eating plan. The key is to not eat too much and to do so on occasion. Dark chocolate can be a great way to sweeten up those Easter baskets.

Try to go sugar free
There are oceans of candies and even chocolates that are considered sugar free out there. Do some looking around and you might be shocked at what you can find. With the explosion of diabetes and weight gain in our country, you can now find virtually anything sugar free. Fat free is out there as well but be careful of hidden ingredients when you shop.

Go with moderation

If you simply must have your sugar busting yummies and fat filled treats, do so in moderation. When you make your basket, mix it with some of the full strength goodies and good for you items. If you mix it all up, you will at least be cutting back on the amount of unhealthy items that people will be eating. There are plenty of tasty yet healthy options, so why not include them along with a particular favorite that is not so good for you?

 Do you have any tips for creating healthier Easter baskets? Share them in the comments!




12 thoughts on “Five Tips for Creating Healthier Easter Baskets”

  1. We try to only put a couple chocolate items in Easter Baskets when we make them up, we fill up the rest with items like hair accessories, dvd’s, toys for outdoors, socks, t-shirt etc.

  2. I think it’s a great idea to create baskets that have a combination sweets and fruits. Even a little potted plant in the center would be nice too.

  3. Ooo – the decorated Easter eggs in the basket are so pretty. In regards to you mentioning sugar free candy…I have fallen in love with Russell Stover’s line of sugar free candy – they have a lot of things to choose from…even chocolate covered marshmallow…and I am hooked.

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