DIY Easter Decor Ideas That Will Give You the Warm & Fuzzies!


With all the snow on the ground outside right now, thinking about Easter decor definitely cheers me up! Seeing bright pops of coloring starting to dot the stark white landscape makes me thing that spring is maybe finally on its way.  The temperatures have been record-breaking cold here lately, with wind-chill factors dipping into “shouldn’t I be seeing penguins?” territory. Just looking at all these cute Easter decor ideas has me thinking fuzzy, bunny-warm thoughts! Check them out!

Easy DIY Easter Decor Ideas



Looking for two easy crafts to brighten up both your mantle and your doorway? Check out these cute Easter wreath and vase crafts over at A Spectacled Owl!



I just love the simplicity of this cute Easter Egg Door Hanger Easter decor craft from Kid Things! I figure if it’s easy enough for kids to make, it’s easy enough for me to make! Plus it’s just so bright and cheery!



Another super cute Easter wreath, I love how the letters look like yummy icing. Mmmm, icing. I’ve always loved the look of burlap too, it’s rustic yet classy.



One of our very own crafts, this Think Spring candle holder is incredibly easy to make, yet oh so darling! Add some fresh flowers to brighten up your home! Or go with a spring-scented candle! I’m not big on floral scents, but I do love the smell of lavender!


Oh my gosh, I love these Easter egg garland crafts so much! I tried to make something like this once, but I didn’t take my time and it kind of fell apart. I really want to try again this year and do it right. I think they look so pretty. I didn’t try it with Mod Podge before though, perhaps that’s the trick I need to get it right!


I love Thrifty Jinxy because she usually makes crafts that I can actually figure out AND afford to accomplish. It really doesn’t get any easier than her cute yarn wrapped Easter egg cup craft.

These are just a few fun Easter decor ideas to get you started on bringing the beauty of spring back into your home! I know we could all use it after this long and crazy winter. I heard even the warm states got slammed with snow and ice this year! I know we’ll all be welcoming back spring!

What are your favorite Easter decor ideas? Tell us in the comments!

22 thoughts on “DIY Easter Decor Ideas That Will Give You the Warm & Fuzzies!”

  1. Love your DIY Easter crafts. The crafts look fairly easy and I am sure they will warm everyone’s heart.

  2. I love the Easter egg garland too! Mine will also probably fall apart but I’ll be trying it this year.

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