25+ of the Most Delicious Christmas Cookie Recipes Around

Need a few amazing Christmas desserts? We've got you covered with 25 of the best recipes for Christmas cookies around!

Anyone in the mood for Christmas cookies? I sure hope so, because we’ve rounded up the best holiday cookie recipes around for you! The holiday season is fast-approaching and we couldn’t be happier about it. Snow-covered trees, cozy nights reading by the fire, and endless amounts of hot chocolate: this time of the year is always so comforting and magical.

Most importantly, holiday celebrations are all about the meals and desserts. Close your eyes and imagine this: the scent of nutmeg, the feeling of chocolate melting in your mouth, the spicy and sweet flavors of gingerbread cookies, and the satisfaction of gulping down an entire glass of eggnog. Are you in the holiday spirit yet? One thing’s for sure, our baking game is always on point during this time of the year. We’re always ready to take on some of the season’s most classic recipes and of course, we’re always up for trying new ones!

25+ Delicious Christmas Cookies That Santa Will Love

This year, we’re placing a large focus on cookies because they’re easy to share, easy to gobble up, and so fun to decorate. Cookies can come in a variety of flavors, sizes and shapes. The sky’s the limit with these sweet treats so we found 25 awesome holiday cookie recipes for you to try out.

Still need MORE Christmas cookies? Here are a few of ours that taste absolutely amazing (if we do say so ourselves!).


Our  Honey Christmas Cookies put a healthier spin on the traditional sugar or butter cookies. They’re easy enough for the kids to help with and make a fabulous homemade gift idea!


Chewy, Delicious Oatmeal Raisin Coconut Cookies Recipe: while not technically a Christmas cookie recipe, these will be right at home amidst your other tasty treats on the cookie platter!


A Different Christmas Cookie Recipe for kids: What makes them so different? Guess you’ll have to read to find out! Here’s a hint: you can use the same cookie dough/batter for your breakfast the next morning!

Do you have any go-to Christmas cookies that you love to make? Which ones caught your eye from our list? Tell us in the comments below!

29 thoughts on “25+ of the Most Delicious Christmas Cookie Recipes Around”

  1. I love this cookie round up! I think that they all look amazing. I need to make cookies for a cookie swap this week so I will be trying a few of these out!

  2. These all sound amazing. I’m so ready for the holidays! I love to bake this time of year. I certainly will be giving many of these a try this year.

  3. Tis the season for cookies!!!!! I love the peanut butter cookies with the chocolate candies pushed in the middle! My grandma also makes a lot of Norwegian cookies that are fun!

  4. These are all awesome Christmas cookie recipes. Holiday Butter Cookie recipe is one I am going to make for sure. We love butter cookies in my home. Thanks for sharing all these cookie recipes.

  5. OMG, so many delicious looking cookies. The holidays kill me. I love baking, but I need to cut back on eating junk food. Although in my book cookies aren’t junk food. But my hips and thighs say otherwise.

  6. Cookies are one of my absolute favorite things about Christmas. I can’t get enough of chocolate and gingerbread. And sprinkles. You can never have enough sprinkles.

  7. Wow! Love this list! There are so many cookies that I want to try, especially the Chocolate Turtle Cookies! They sound amazing! Favoriting this post so that I can refer back to it!

  8. well I’m going to have to save this post to try a bunch of these… making Christmas cookies is super fun to do with the kids… I have fond memories of doing this as a child with the family and friends (my favorite part is eating them … one for you, three for me when you’re not looking… love it!) thanks!

  9. I am a cookie monster so this is a very dangerous post for me to find! I don’t even know where to begin on deciding which ones are a must have.

  10. I am starting my Holiday baking this weekend. Thanks for the great list of cookies to try. I will have to start with the Peppermint Cake Mix Cookies.

  11. This is perfect timing. My husband was asking me to make some chrstmas cookies and I needed some inspiration. Thanks!

  12. Oh my word thank you for this! I love Christmas and cookies. I cannot wait to check out all of the recipes (and make them and eat them lol!) So many cookies so little time!

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