Tips For Single Moms Going Back To School

Tips For Single Moms Going Back To School | OurFamilyWorld If you’re looking for tips for single moms going back to school, read on! As we fast approach the back to  school season we have to look not only at our kids prep, but also our own prep for the season. This year many people will begin a new journey in education and included in that group will be many of our fellow single moms.  Having been a single mom for many years and completed my college education during that time, I have several Tips For Single Moms Going Back To School.  While this is a task that is difficult to undertake, it is not impossible.  Many women (and men) have successfully juggled family, work and college at the same time.  Being prepared, thinking things through and taking your time are all important factors.


DON’T OVERBOOK YOURSELF. One of the key tips for single moms going back to school is to not take on too much.  We all enjoy being involved in activities with friends, being a part of our kids social lives and volunteering here and there, but it can get overwhelming and adversely effect our education.  As you begin your college career, start simply by taking only a few classes your first semester.  Don’t overbook with a full class load until you are sure you are able to juggle that much while working and caring for your family.  Choose outside obligations wisely.  Remember that your kids are always your number one focus.  School, work and friends will always fall into place if you make your kids a priority.  Let go of unnecessary obligations and focus on your children first, and your education and work second.  Real friends will still be there when you are finished with your education.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FREE/OFFERED HELP.  Many colleges offer various help programs for single moms.  Whether it is on campus child care at a discounted rate or financial counseling don’t hesitate to use what is offered.  Check with your counselor and see what your school offers when you apply.  The same goes for friends and family.  If they offer to help watch your kids, clean your house or cook a meal accept the offer.  Don’t let guilt rule your decisions.  Single moms going back to school need all the help they can get! Know that once you are done with your education you will focus some of your time and energy to paying back those who helped you and paying it forward to others in need.


STICK TO YOUR SCHEDULE.  Create a schedule for your family unit and stick with it.  Whether it is a list of what chores are to be done on what days or a bedtime routine, schedules are important.  Creating a good functioning routine for yourself and your children will help your overall anxiety level, attitude and functionality.  Remember to allow some free time to spend with the kids making sure they know they are still a priority in their Mom’s life.

DON’T SKIP SLEEP TIME.  One of the biggest problems that arise with single moms going back to school has to do with the sleep deficit.  Running constantly from work to school to home can create a true problem when it comes to proper sleep.  No matter what you may think, your sleep is far more important than that last 20 minutes of study time.  Without proper sleep our bodies will begin to deteriorate, and we become susceptible to disease and illness.  A sick Mom can’t take care of her kids, work or education properly.


DO HOMEWORK TOGETHER.  If your kids are school aged they will likely be sent home with homework on a regular basis.  When possible, make family homework time a reality.  Put on some quiet classical music, gather together at the table and work independently on your projects while together.  Not only does this set a good example to your children, but it gives you extra time together as a family.  Education can be fun when done together as a family unit.  Include your kids in your lessons and learning as well.  If you have teens in your home, they may even be able to give you a few pointers on some of your classes.

MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF.  It may seem impossible or selfish even, but this is so important.  Make time for yourself.  Whether that means you pour a glass of wine and take a bubble bath once a week, or head out for a girls night out with a friend doesn’t matter.  As long as you are doing something regularly just for you.  Take a break and treat yourself to lunch alone at your favorite bistro.  Give yourself a pedicure.  Buy a new book to read just for fun.  No matter what it is, make sure you are giving yourself some reward time and downtime to energize your body and soul.

One of the greatest examples you can give your children is a dedication to education and continued personal growth.  These tips for single Moms going back to school are just the start of many things you can do to make this transition easy for your family.  Education is important for everyone, but it can also be a very stressful thing in your home.  This year don’t let the stress overwhelm you.  Take some time to properly plan your routine, class schedule and outside obligations to make it an easy and productive school year for the entire family.

Do you have any great tips for single moms going back to school? Share them in the comments!

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  1. This is my first year back at school with a preschooler. I read your article before starting. Simple and good tips. The one time I use “I’m a single mom” is with finding good resources and help within the university. Skipping sleep is a hard one for me. I feel like the only time I have to do any school work is after my little monster is in bed and before he wakes up. Makes for a short sleep. But balance in my life is always a work in progress.

  2. Great tips! I’m not single but hubby works out of town and with 2 young kids it seems crazy to go back to school..but I’m applying soon!

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