5 Colorful Back To School Bulletin Boards To Spark Your Imagination

Family life can get hectic as the kids head back to school, which is why these bulletin boards can help you stay organized! Check out our ideas now. and make the perfect family command center.

With school right around the corner, it’s time to get organized! Papers, projects, and goals are staring right at us. Now is the time to set-up a family command center that helps your family keep it all together. I know I struggle with keeping all the deadlines and papers straight, even with much of the communication from the schools moving online. Check out some of our bulletin board ideas that will spark your kid’s imagination, and keep you sane.

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5 Colorful Back To School Bulletin Boards To Spark Your Imagination

Color Swatch Calendar


Need a pop of color to keep the whole family organized? I love this paint swatch calendar! Even with an online calendar, not all of my kids have mobile devices. One like this set-up near our kitchen is just what we need for all of the big events and deadlines. You better believe all of my daughter’s swim schedule will be on it!

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Sticky Note Calendar


I know this might sound a bit crazy, but last year I ended up making a calendar on the fourth day of school. By then, I didn’t have time to run out and buy something fun as most of my budget had been spent. Instead, I  made something similar to this sticky note calendar. This idea served us well as a family bulletin board, though it did require a bit of time on my part to change it out every month. I love how this version blends into the home decor seamlessly.

Mud Room Command Central


Sunshine and quotes from Grandma? What a lovely way to start off the school year. I love how bright, cheery and organized this bulletin board feels. Check out that color-coded calendar! My inner perfectionist is leaping for joy with this fun set-up. More importantly, I love how these are words and images that can inspire my kid every day before they head off to school.

Gallary Wall Style


This bulletin board set-up has a little bit of everything. Check out all the features this savvy mom added including a chore chart, calendar, place for notes, and some beautiful decor! The gallery wall style is such a fun trend right now, and I love how this fun mix all comes together into an epic command center.

Simple And Savvy


Sometimes less it more, which is why I love this to-do list board. There is a huge open space for your family to write notes back and forth, or to keep the most important family projects on top. Did you see the cute spot for hanging papers? Perfect for those last minute forms you almost forgot to sign for school.

Do you make a back to school bulletin board for your family as they head back to school every year? Tell me about how you keep your family organized down in the comments!


24 thoughts on “5 Colorful Back To School Bulletin Boards To Spark Your Imagination”

  1. Great ideas, but my favorite is the paint chip calendar. It is so colorful and fun. It would be good to have my little ones make one to teach calendar skills!

  2. Those are all very nice. I have a board that I use a dry erase marker on for school actives and such. It’s great for keeping track of everything.

  3. If the budget is running out, the effort is definitely worth it. I like the idea of having a bck to school bulletin board.

  4. I absolutely love the first and last one! The paint swatches one looks super simple to make and easy to manage. All great ideas!

  5. Back to School is always going to be so much fun and these School Bulletin Boards look quiet amazing. They are simple & easy to do, the Sticky Note Calendar and Gallary Wall Style are the best among them!

  6. Cute ideas, I actually use some of these already. Our calendar is color coded. Each person has a certain color ink. We have a large command center in the kitchen, it includes, calendar. chore charts, high fives, menu, jobs at meal time. I am so going to try the paint swatches, for the kids individual calendars in their rooms.

  7. Loving these bulletin boards! I plan to change the one that I have in the office to a brighter colored one! These ideas are really adorable. They’re the perfect reference!

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