7 Back To School Snacks For Hungry Kids (Nut Free!)

Kids come home from school hungry and tired. Check out our roundup of seven after school snacks that are both delicious and nut free to refuel your child.

With school starting just around the corner, you may have started thinking about ideas to feed your hungry kids after school. After a long day, kids arrive both hungry and impatient. I have been on the hunt for delicious snack recipes that will refuel your child. Check out my favorite finds!

Nut-Free Back to School Snacks

Homemade Waffles With Apple Butter

Nut-Free Back to School Snacks Waffle

I think given the option, my child would eat waffles or pancakes every single day of her life. I love these Homemade Waffles With Apple Butter from our own Our Family World recipes. Waffles whip up quickly and these have an extra dose of fruit without even trying. Dried cranberries give a delicious sweet kick that compliments the apple. Both little kids and bigger kids will enjoy this great snack.

Microwave Sweet Potato Chips

Nut-Free Back to School Snacks Waffles weet potato

If your kids tend to head towards snacks that are crispy and salty, these Microwave Sweet Potato Chips from By Stephanie Lynn are a great choice. My kid loves sweet potato fries, so it is not much of a stretch to convince her that sweet potato chips are equally delish for a snack after school. Just do not remind my kid that her beloved orange chips are packed full of beta-carotene, vitamin A, and many other sneaky nutrients. This snack cooks up quick and mostly requires a little chopping.

Banana Bread With Poppy Seeds

banana bread Nut-Free Back to School Snacks

Once the temperatures start to cool off again, it is the perfect time to start whipping up some home baked treats fresh from the oven. This delicious Banana Bread With Poppy Seeds from our own archives is simply irresistible straight from the oven. Go ahead and try not to snag a bite when you slice the loaf! You can also slice this loaf before placing in the freezer for perfect single size portions ready for your hungry kid after school.

Fruit and Cream Cheese Graham Cracker Snacks

fruit cracker Nut-Free Back to School Snacks

Here is another idea perfect for the kid with a sweet tooth. Over at For The Love Of Cooking, these Fruit and Cream Cheese Graham Cracker snacks look like a desert, but with a healthier spin. You can also substitute a low sugar jam on that day you did not make it to the grocery store. This healthy snack tastes similar to eating cheesecake but with much less sugar.

Upside Down Apple Cake

apple cake Nut-Free Back to School Snacks

Anything with the word cake in it is usually a hit with my kid. This Apple Upside Down Cake is so delicious you may find your family fights over the last few bites just like Olfa’s did! Sliding a slice of this delicious apple cake to your child after school should bring a smile to their face. This recipe is delicious warm, serve with a cold glass of milk.

Brown Bag Garlic Parmesan Popcorn

popcorn Nut-Free Back to School Snacks

Keep some popcorn kernels and a few brown paper bags on hand to whip up popcorn that is both healthy and tasty. You can use the method described by The Skinny Fork to make any flavor popcorn you want, but her Garlic Parmesan Popcorn is the perfect place to start. This recipe is healthy, cheap, tasty and quick.

Pear Muffins

pear muffin Nut-Free Back to School Snacks

Muffins are a great option for a quick snack you can bake ahead. Mix up your normal muffins by making these delicious Pear Muffins for a change. I know my kid is a muffin monster, and would gobble up these muffins after school. Serve these warm from the oven, or warmed in the microwave from the freezer.

Do you have any favorite snacks for after school? Share them with us in the comments.

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