5 Must-Know Beauty Hacks for College + BOGO Schick Razors Coupon!

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Check out these easy back to college beauty hacks for dorm living, then grab a BOGO free coupon for Schick razors!

Heading off the college is such an exciting time. It’s also a little overwhelming and scary. I remember when I went away to college, I wanted to pack everything I owned! My campus was four hours away from home and I didn’t drive. I knew I’d only be coming home for Thanksgiving and winter break.

Today I’m going to share a few must-know beauty hacks for college to help you get through that first semester without needing to pack your entire bathroom. But first, I want to share some great news about Schick!

Buy One Get One Free with Schick

When you’re thinking of your shaving needs for college, think Schick. You want something that lasts and can handle the “hairiest” situations (pun totally intended). Now, there are a few great Schick products that I absolutely love, but for a college shower bag, I’d go with the Schick Quattro for Women. It’s compact, so it doesn’t take up a ton of space in your bag. Plus it can handle all the contours of a woman’s body. Those 4 titanium-coated blades really give you a close shave, so you’re super smooth!


I bought my Schick Quattro at the Rite Aid up the road from my house. They just built a new one. It’s a big, beautiful store that’s such a pleasure to shop in. It was easy to run in, get what I needed and run out. Literally run, as rain was coming down in sheets at that time!


Right now, you can grab a buy one get one free coupon for Schick razors. That’s an amazing deal!

Beauty Hacks for College

Now let’s talk about those beauty hacks for college. These easy tips will help you pack less yet still look your best!

  1. Choose the right razor for all your shaving needs: we covered this above, but seriously, if you choose one razor that can shave all the areas you plan to shave, you’ll save a lot of space in your bag. Schick Quattro
  2. Think combination products: Search your favorite store for 2-in-1 shampoos and body wash. If your hair can handle it, go with shampoo/conditioner combined. Lotions that you can use on your face and body are great too. Basically, you want to find products that have multiple purposes. You can use shower gel or even conditioner as shaving gel.
  3. Opt for palettes: Compact makeup palettes with blush, eye shadow and lipstick are fabulous because they’re usually thin and easy to slip into your shower bag. Plus, all the colors are designed to work together.
  4. Break out the baby wipes: Baby wipes are relatively inexpensive and oh-so useful for removing makeup, freshening up between classes and even cleaning your makeup tools (or cleaning up after you make a mess with your makeup!). If you feel weird about carrying baby wipes, you can get (or make) a decorative container for them.
  5. Go big with your curling iron: If you want the option of creating waves, big curls AND straight hair, a single curling iron with a big barrel will do the trick. I straighten my super thick hair with a big curling iron, so trust me, it works. One tool, many purposes.

These are just a few easy beauty hacks for college-bound teens. The main point is to look for products and tools that can do more than one thing. Even if you find three such tools, you’ll cut down on the huge beauty bag that you have to lug down to the bathroom every morning.

Don’t forget to grab that BOGO Schick coupon! It’s a good one!

What advice do you have for college-bound teens? Share in the comments!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Schick®. The opinions and text are all mine.

6 thoughts on “5 Must-Know Beauty Hacks for College + BOGO Schick Razors Coupon!”

  1. These are great tips for those who are in College. There is so much for the College kids to think about, you definitely need to take the short cut on some things and these hacks are really helpful!

  2. One of my nieces is already in college, but honestly, I’ve never thought of giving her tips like those. But I think it’s never too late to give her those tips.

  3. BOGO’s are great! And I know even in this digital age of cell phones, aside from sending them off with a portable charger, I also say get them a phone card, you just never know. Some places cells don’t get a signal but you can usually find a payphone somehwere!

  4. Fi Ní Neachtáin

    I finished college a long time ago but I could still use the buy one get one free offers! Those look like great quality razors.

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