11 Creative Back to School Bulletin Boards to Get You Organized Fast

Looking for creative ways to stay organized during the school year? You need to check out these super creative back to school bulletin boards! I bet you’ll find the perfect solution to keeping all of your family’s must-have information in one convenient (and pretty!) spot!

Looking for creative ways to stay organized during the school year? You need to check out these super creative back to school bulletin boards!


While it is still the middle of summer, back to school time will be upon us before you know it. That means it will be time for families to get everything organized, from schedules to homework and everything in between. That is where bulletin boards come into play. I have to say I am probably one of the most organized people in this world, so these bulletin boards from Instagram are truly inspirational.

Creative Back to School Bulletin Boards

1. Dry Erase Dreams


The great thing about dry erase boards is that you can erase and rewrite things as your family’s schedule changes.


2. Organization Goals


Need a place to keep track of homework, school activities and sports schedules? This cute bulletin board idea with help you do just that. I especially love the pen caddy since I can never seem to find a pen anywhere when I need to write something down.


3. Home Command Center


This bulletin board idea seems to have everything organized in one spot. From a calendar to mail holder to car key hooks, your family will definitely be one of the most organized families on the block.


4. Limited Space


This cool bulletin board idea is perfect for those with limited space in their home. It has everything you need to keep the family organized, tucked into one little corner.


5. Chalkboards


Like dry erase boards, chalkboards allow you to erase and rewrite things as needed. I like the ideas on this one with a quote or saying or one chalkboard, dinner menu on another and a calendar in the middle.


6. Photos & Colors


This has to be one of my favorite ideas for a chore bulletin board. It features a photo of each child and gives them each their own chore color.


7. Artsy Fartsy


This bulletin board idea looks like a true work of art. It uniquely incorporates a calendar, chalkboards, cork boards and wall bins all in one.


8. Picture Frames


What a creative use for picture frames! It has a larger picture frame that holds all the smaller ones.


9. Ocean Theme



I totally love the ocean, so I am loving this bulletin board idea. I especially love the painted sea turtles and the seashells. The green frames for the cork board and dry erase board completes the ocean theme.


10. Artwork Display


My kids, like most, always love to display all of their artwork. This cool bulletin board idea allows kids to creatively hang their Picasso pieces for the world to see.


11. Tiny Spaces


I live in an apartment, so space is limited for my family. How creative is this bulletin board idea? It uses a space in the home that many of us wouldn’t think of using. It displays from floor to ceiling so there is room to organize the whole family.

Of course, creating your bulletin board is just the first step. Making sure your family actually uses it is the most important part! That’s why choosing creative back to school bulletin boards is so important. The more clever and creative, the more fun it is to use!

Does your family use a bulletin board to organize during the school year? Share your tips below!


4 thoughts on “11 Creative Back to School Bulletin Boards to Get You Organized Fast”

  1. Great post! I don’t have kids yet but I’m a huge fan of organization and have bulletin boards to help me remember things!

  2. Travel Blogger

    Great ideas! We love chalkboards in our house. However, I need to create my own command center to help keep me organized. This would be helpful.

  3. Melissa Bernardo

    My son is starting kindergarten this fall and I think that we are going to need a good board. Thanks for sharing!

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