Best Apps to Find Amazing Money Tips & Savings


Did you know that some of the hottest money tips are right at your fingertips? There are some fantastic apps for your phone or tablet out there right now. Using your smartphone to Here are just a few, plus several reasons why you might want to use each of them.

Best Apps to Find Hot Money Tips & Savings


Ibotta is an app that allows you to earn money back on products you buy at a participating store. It’s really simple to use. You select products that you are going to buy in the store within the app, then go to the store and buy that item. Use your phone to photograph your receipt when you return home and the money will be added to your account. There are also videos and surveys within the app to increase your savings. Earnings can be transferred to your Paypal account whenever you want to cash out.


Shopkick is an app that gives you coupons on your phone as well as rewards, some just for walking into a store! Imagine, getting paid for just walking into places you go anyway like Target, Best Buy and Old Navy! There are numerous opportunities to get additional “kicks” which lead to rewards faster.


ShopSavvy is a fantastic app that allows you to scan a product’s bar code while you are in the store, then find out the price of the product online and/or the price at a nearby store. The app uses your phone’s GPS to determine your location and what stores are nearby. You can make the online purchase right from your phone right then if you like or go to the other store and get the lower price. This app saves you not only money, but it could save you the time of running all over town looking for a particular product. Not to mention the disappointment of finding out you overpaid for something!


This app for travel related savings can help you find great rates not only on air fare but also on car rentals and hotel rooms. You can also set up alerts so the app will tell you when hotel rates or flight prices meet your criteria. Find out more about Kayak here.

Mint Personal Finance

This app functions as an offshoot of the great tools available at It can help you keep track of your spending and remind you about budget and other financial goals. The app features great tools that will categorize your spending and will show you at a glance where your money is going. It also has a bill reminder and alerts to let you know when you have gone too crazy with that shopping spree! Talk about some great money tips!

Do you know of any other great apps that offer fabulous money tips? Share them in the comments!

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