Visualize a Gorgeous Home with Royal Virtual Remodeler

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Ever wonder what your home would look like with new windows? Do you want to remodel and add new vws, but aren’t sure you’ll like the results? You could always go for it and hope for the best! I mean, it’s only money if you don’t like it, right? Could be a lot of money, though. Plus, you know, you could end up with horrible windows too!

Of course, you could always go the much easier route and use the awesome virtual remodeler from Royal Building Products. That way, you can see exactly how your new windows will look without knocking out the old ones! I always have such fun with the virtual remodeler from Royal. In just seconds you can completely change the whole look of a house and visual a more gorgeous home.


Visualizing your new windows with Royal Building Products Virtual Remodeler

This time, I tried out different types of Vinyl Windows Systems. I chose one of their houses because I like to imagine my dream home. Isn’t this house gorgeous?


I can change just about every aspect of the house with a few clicks. Choosing windows was as easy as picking out the type, color and shutters! First I went with the Double Hung in a Midnight Blue shade. Then I decided to change the siding color and my windows didn’t quite match. In seconds, I changed them again to a lighter color. I changed the siding color again and decided my windows needed a bit more splash to them. I loved the white double-hung, but I really love the look of red shutters. I changed the trim and voila, a whole new house!


The cool part is, it only took me about five minutes to do all that! The hardest part was deciding which color scheme I liked best. See, with the Royal Building Products virtual remodeler, you can remodel everything at once! When you’re choosing your favorite vinyl window systems, you can click on the question mark next to each to get a description. This is super important for someone like me who doesn’t really know about the different types. I really appreciate how Royal Building Products breaks the types down into language that I can understand. The site is written for average homeowners. You don’t need a degree in engineering or contracting to figure out which window works best for you family.

You can zoom in to see how your new windows look up close, print your dream house or save your project! When you’re done, click on “Where to Buy” and you’ll even get a list of places in your area that sell the Royal Building Products you need to create your dream house!

What do you think of my dream house? Do you like my choice of colors and windows? What would you do different?

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  1. This is awesome! What a great helpful tool for homeowners or those looking to buy. I love the house you choose and really like the brown color the best. We will be looking for a house soon so I am going to bookmark the site so I can use it later.

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