9 Incredible Time-Saving Rubber Band Hacks

Looking for super cheap organizing hacks? Break out the rubber bands! They're so useful. Check out our favorite rubber band hacks!

We love organizing hacks that literally cost pennies or less to pull off, like these incredible rubber band hacks! Everyone has rubber bands hanging around their home. I honestly don’t recall every actually buying them, yet there they are. Dozens of them, just sitting there collecting dust. However, they can be useful for some things. Even if you don’t already have a supply, you can grab a whole package for about $1 at a dollar store or office supply store. Here are some awesome rubber band hacks to save you time and help you get organized.

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Incredible Rubber Band Hacks

Finger Trick: Do you do a lot of reading or studying? Well try this trick. Attach a rubber band to your finger to help you turn your pages easily with no fuss about paper cuts. Just don’t wrap it too tight! It’s not a time-saver if it cuts off your circulation or is so secure that you have to go to the ER to get it removed!

Nailed It: Don’t go spending lots of money at the nail salon, try this simple hack to get perfect manicure nails. Use the rubber band as a guide to help get your perfect tips.

Hanging Around: Don’t you hate it when your clothes slip off your hanger? Try putting a rubber band at the ends of the hanger to ensure your clothes never slip off again.

Stubborn Jar: Do you have a jar or glass that just won’t open? Use a rubber band for a excellent grip. Go with a thick band if possible. If not, grab a few thin ones and wrap it around the lid.

No Spills: If your slow cooker cover doesn’t like to stay down and cover what you are cooking, try this easy method. Use a rubber band to tightly hold the cover down on your slow cooker.

Impromptu Belt: Are your jeans not buttoning up? Grab a rubber band and use it as a belt between your button and the hole.

Dishwasher Safety: Do your fragile glasses always break in the dishwasher? Here is a neat trick. Keep your glasses tied in place by using a rubber band. Wrap the rubber band around both the glass and the plastic dishwasher tines.

Unlocked: If you are the type of person who constantly is going in or out, this is a handy trick to know to keep the door open. Place a rubber band around both handles so the band pushes down the lock. This trick is especially useful to people who unload groceries because they don’t need to drop their grocery bags every time trying to turn the knob.

Roll Clothes: Space is definitely difficult to come by when packing. If you tightly roll up your clothes and tie with rubber bands you will have extra room for anything else you may need to bring with you.


Of course, you could also just use those rubber bands to try to create the largest ball of bands on the planet, but I think that record is pretty tough to beat! It weighs over 9,000 pounds! Better to put them to use in your organizing hacks around the house, right?

Do you have any other incredible rubber band hacks? Tell us your favorite uses for them in the comments!

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