9 Brilliant Uses for Eggshells for Your Home & Garden!

 Did you know those egg shells have so many other uses aside from protecting your key omelet ingredient? Check out these 9 brilliant uses for eggshells in your home and garden!

Today we’re sharing our favorite home hacks for eggshells! Next time you crack that egg open don’t toss that eggshell into the trash. There are so many other uses for eggshells than just protecting the inside of the egg. Every time you whip up that delicious omelet, put the shells aside in a bag or bin to use later on around the house! Let’s check out all the different genius uses for eggshells!

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Home Hacks: 9 Brilliant Uses for Eggshells

Unclog That Drain:

Want to save loads of money on plumber calls? Keep a few eggshells grounded up placed in your kitchen sink strainer. It will trap additional solids when they slowly break down. It also helps to clean naturally the pipes! This tip works like a charm.

Fertilize Your Garden:

 Did you know those egg shells have so many other uses aside from protecting your key omelet ingredient? Check out these 9 brilliant uses for eggshells in your home and garden!

Did you know eggshells are rich in calcium and minerals that will help you garden to grow? Crush eggshells into small pieces to use in the compost and place around all your flowers and vegetables. You’ll be happy you did when you’re dining on fresh veggies this summer!

Natural Bandage:

This requires a bit more precision, but if you can extract that thin membrane from within the eggshell, you’ll have yourself a natural DIY bandage that helps promote healing! Check out this great post on how to do it.

Pest Control:

To keep your flowers and vegetables looking pretty, crush eggshells and put them around to keep snails and slugs away.

Boost your dog’s diet:

Next time you eat hard boiled eggs, dry and grind the shells down to a fine powder. Add it to your dog’s food to give them a calcium kick. I’ve also heard this works great for dogs with tummy issues. Just make sure you sterilize the shells first. If you’re not eating hard boiled eggs, you can sterilize by boiling the shells for three minutes.

Coffee & Tea Stains:

This is one of my favorite uses for eggshells, especially since I love my coffee! I just don’t love how it leaves stains on my prettiest mugs. Zap coffee and tea stains with this trick: take some eggshells crush them up, put them in a cup. Fill the cup with warm water and let set overnight. The eggshells will absorb up the stains.

Itching Skin:

Put a few eggshells in a container, add some apple cider vinegar, cover with lid, let it soak for a few days. Then, as needed, dab on itching skin areas for minor irritation to calm skin. This will come in handy this summer you know tissue the season for mosquitoes.

Grow tiny plants in them!


Give itty bitty seedlings a great start to life by placing a little soil into an eggshell and planting a few seeds inside. Keep them right in the egg carton to make it easier! This Gardening Know How post will help get you started!

Make your sidewalk chalk

Our 9 brilliant uses for eggshells includes making your own sidewalk chalk. How fun!

This is one of the coolest uses for eggshells! For each chalk, just grind up about 5 eggshells into a powder and mix with 1 teaspoon flour and 1 teaspoon very hot water. Then add in food coloring until it reaches the desired color. Either pack it into molds or shape into a stick and let dry.

See, there are so many other great uses for eggshells aside from protecting your key omelet ingredient! Do I love home hacks that don’t require me to spend a single extra penny, don’t you? For more fun home organizing hacks, check out our favorite time-saving rubber band hacks or these great summer BBQ hacks to rock your party!

Can you think of any other uses for eggshells? Share them in the comments!

6 thoughts on “9 Brilliant Uses for Eggshells for Your Home & Garden!”

  1. My goodness these are some wonderful & creative ideas out of eggshells. I waste a lot of them every week. The idea of growing small plants is quiet amazing & to use it as a Pest Control is a great idea as well.

  2. I had absolutely no idea you could use egg shells for all that stuff. I love the idea of using them to give plants a boost. I will have to try that!

  3. I knew about the tips about using eggshells in the garden. I have been using them for these purposes for years. However, I did not know that they would absorb and remove coffee and tea stains. I have to try that one! Thanks for the new tip!

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