Feel the Love for this Vanilla Peppermint Valentine’s Day Salt Scrub Recipe


Looking for an amazing Valentine's Day salt scrub that will have you feeling refreshed and confident before your hot date night? Our Vanilla Peppermint salt scrub couldn't be easier to make! Looking for an amazing Valentine’s Day salt scrub that will have you feeling refreshed and confident before your hot date night? Our Vanilla Peppermint salt scrub couldn’t be easier to make! Listen, I know that the powers that be got together and decided peppermint was just a holiday scent and flavor. From November to December, we’re bombarded with Peppermint this and that, but come January there’s nary a mint to be found! Well let me tell you, it’s one of the most amazing essential oils, so break it back out of the seasonal stash, because you’ll need it for this Vanilla Peppermint Valentine’s Day salt scrub recipe!

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 Vanilla Peppermint Scrub Recipe

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  • Put the Coconut Oil in a medium bowl.
  • Mash the Coconut Oil either with the back of a fork or spoon.
  • Add the Epsom salt.Mix the Epsom salt with the coconut oil.
  • Continue mixing until thoroughly mixed.
  • Add the Vanilla and Peppermint with the combined coconut oil and Epsom Salt.
  • Store your scrub in your favorite bottle or Mason Jar.

Amazing easy, isn’t it? Once you’ve made this vanilla peppermint salt scrub, you’ll pretty much have the know-how to make all types of salt scrubs! The only ingredients that change are the essential oils. Of course, you can also experiment with different types of salts. While Epsom salts are by the far the easiest to find, I prefer Dead Sea salts.

Why Salt Scrub?

“But sugar scrubs are all the rage,” you say, “why are you making a salt scrub?” Well, my friends, there are a few reasons. First, because we felt like it. Sugar scrubs, as you say, ARE all the rage. Salt scrubs are under-appreciated. Second, salt scrubs do have some benefits over sugar. They’re better at exfoliating extremely rough patches of skin. Those calloused feet? Salt will do a better job on them than sugar. Plus salt has “detoxifying” properties, according to holistic healers. Now, that’s not an FDA-approved statement, and using a salt scrub isn’t going to undo instantly all the environmental damage we do to our bodies, but hey, it’s something in the plus column! Want to try out another great salt scrub recipe? Check out our lavender foot scrub! Lavender pairs beautifully with mint and vanilla.


Of course, as with every body product, there are drawbacks. Since salt is drying, you will need to follow up with a fab moisturizer. I suggest something with a bit of a vanilla or minty kick to it to complement the scents in this salt scrub recipe. Salt scrubs aren’t a daily-use type of thing. Then again, I don’t think you should be scrubbing your body with anything abrasive every day, including sugar. One more thing that totally goes in the “well, duh”category, but I’m saying it anyway: don’t use salt scrubs on open wounds. Seriously, goes without saying, right?

Do you have any favorite Valentine’s Day salt scrub recipes? Share in the comments!


21 thoughts on “Feel the Love for this Vanilla Peppermint Valentine’s Day Salt Scrub Recipe”

  1. I never understand why peppermint seems to disappear in January either – it’s such a wonderful scent and ingredient for any time of the year! Thanks for linking up with Merry Monday this week!

  2. I love different scrubs. I just tried one from ROdan + Fields and it was incredible. Peppermint is one of my favorite scents and flavors in the world so I’m happy you shared that one.

  3. This sounds amazing. I LOVE vanilla and peppermint. They are the two best smells ever. I also love making my own scrubs. To me they are the best kinds!

  4. I have never made a salt scrub before so I would love to try making this one. Peppermint is one of my favor scents because so what makes you have a feeling of being revived. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  5. I have always loved homemade salt scrubs and haven’t made any in a while. I have all the ingredients on hand to make this. I bet it smells heavenly.

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