4 Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Party Games

Take your Irish pride to the next level with these 4 ultimate St. Patrick’s Day party games to try! Read more now!

Get ready to take your Irish pride to whole new levels with these fun St. Patrick’s Day party games. Not Irish? No worries! You don’t have to be to host a fun party to celebrate your love for the Emerald Isle! Of course, every good party needs entertainment, right? That’s where games come in!  Regardless of the age of your guests, there are all kinds of great possibilities. Keep reading, to learn more about a few of them.

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St Patrick’s Day Party games

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Leprechaun Scramble Dance

This dance is like musical chairs with a magical twist. Cut four large shamrocks out of poster board. They should be big enough for several children to stand on at once. Using double-sided tape, attach one shamrock to each corner of the room.

Play music, ideally Celtic or Irish. Ask everyone to dance. When the music stops, instruct the kids to carefully scramble over to the closest shamrock and stand on it. The last person to get to a shamrock loses the round. The winner is the last remaining dancer.

Heave Ho

This is a traditional Gaelic game that’s still enjoyed in Ireland by people of all ages It’s normally played with a pitchfork and a hay sack. But, you can bring the fun indoors, using a rope or clothesline and a paper bag.

Stuff a lunch-size paper bag with newspaper. Tightly tie it closed. Attach a piece of clothesline or rope to each side of a door frame. The object of the game is to stand at the other side of the room and try to heave the paper bag over the clothesline with a plastic spatula. The winner is the person who aces it the most times out of a predetermined number of tries.

Hunt for Gold

Your party guests will love searching for gold, in true leprechaun style. Especially if the “gold” is actually chocolate. You have the option of making this a team game or allowing everyone to search individually.

Purchase a large supply of chocolate gold coins. Depending on the weather, you can hide them inside, outdoors, or both. Give each person or team a colorful plastic bucket. Set a time limit and let the hunt begin! The team or person with the most gold wins an extra prize.

Tip: if you don’t want to use chocolate for this game, you can use something like butterscotch hard candy instead.

Leprechaun Bingo

There are many free leprechaun bingo cards available on the Internet. Print out at least one for each guest who will be attending. If you’re “artfully inclined” you can skip the printing process and create the cards yourself.

This plays out just like a regular game of bingo. For added fun, use Skittles instead of bingo chips. Every time someone gets a bingo, they win a prize. Consider doing a cover-all for the last game and awarding a larger prize.

Now that you have a few St. Patrick’s Day party games in mind, there’s no better time to decide on which ones you’re going to play. All of the suggestions mentioned here are easy to initiate. Not only that, they won’t cost you a pot of gold!

Do you have any favorite St. Patrick’s Day party games that you play with your guests? Share below!

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  1. These sound so fun! And this is a much better idea than having a leprechaun trash my house. I’m having a St. Paddy’s party this year!

  2. Kristi Nelson Renner

    What fun ideas. These would be great to suprise the kids with since we don’t typically play anything for St. patricks Day. Start a new tradition!

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