5 of the Best Kindergarten Graduation Party Games & Ideas Ever

If your child is graduating kindergarten, we have what you need to throw a fun kindergarten graduation party, including fun party games, cool food ideas and more! It is a big step, make it a big occasion!

If your child is graduating kindergarten, we have what you need to throw a fun party, including awesome kindergarten graduation party games!  It is a big step, going from kindergarten into first grade!  No more nap time, and the introduction to homework, your baby is no longer a baby (I know, I just went through this transition last year).  Why not throw a super fun party with fun foods and games?  Check out my favorite kindergarten graduation party games and ideas!

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5 Fun Kindergarten Graduation Party Games & Ideas

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Book signing

When I graduated high school, my mom’s friend gifted me a book, you may have heard of it Oh, the Places You’ll Go.  This is also a perfect gift for your child who is graduating kindergarten.  You can use it as a ‘guest book’ and have all of the guests sign it with a little motivational or congratulatory saying.  It is a great book with a great message for any age really.  How fun would be to look back years later at all the nice things people had to say when your child was small?

Edible diploma scrolls

These are super simple to create!  Ready?  Buy a box of Devil Dogs and tie a blue ribbon around it and voila!  You have a treat for the party and one that goes with the theme as well!  You could use any cylinder shaped treat really, and you can change the color of the ribbon to match whatever color your child wears for graduation or whatever the school colors are.  How cute?

Pool noodle party

Everyone is sure to have fun with this game, and it’s super inexpensive too!  All you need is a bunch of balloons blown up (with the air from your lungs, so plan for this!) and a pool noodle for each guest.  Toss the balloons in the air and let them try to hit as many as they can, they can use them like golf clubs and baseball bats, the more balloons, the better!  You can help by trying to keep the balloons in the air too.

Bubbles for everyone

Who doesn’t love bubbles?  The bubbles you buy at the store never seem to last long enough, so why not make your solution and put it in one of those lemonade containers with a spout you can get at any store.  You can start saving yogurt containers, so each guest has one of their own.  They will be entertained and pop bubbles for a while!  You can check out who to create your simple bubble solution here (and this bounce!).

Picture perfect frame

I love photos and photo props!  I have yet to take any using a frame the child holds up.  You can create a fun frame super easy and take each child’s picture with it.  You can use foam board and cut out a square (if you get one large enough) or you can cut four sides and attach them together.  Paint it a neutral color and then attach letters to it that read ‘Kindergarten Graduate 2016’ or something like that.  You can attach them with tape, and then keep the frame for other occasions, such as birthdays.

It is fun to celebrate the milestones in your child’s life.  They grow up so quickly; you want to celebrate and capture those big moments!  I know some people think it is silly to have a graduation for kindergarteners but why?  It is a big step before going into first grade!  Celebrate it with a party!

Did you plan any cool kindergarten graduation party games for your child? Tell us about them in the comments!

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  1. Cheryl MacPhail

    Thanks for the great ideas. Our litle guy will be a grad next year I will have to try a few :)

  2. Bernadette Callahan

    Love the book signing, we did this when each of the kids started kindergarten and they have them for when they are older

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