How To Make the Holidays Less Stressful for Little Ones

The Christmas season can be a joyful, yet stressful time for everyone in the family, including young children. Find out how to make the holidays less stressful for little ones this year.


Tips to make holidays less stressful for kids

Don’t Rush So Much
Even though everyone is in a hurry to buy gifts, bake all the goodies, send out Christmas cards, and everything else, don’t rush so much. While young children won’t be doing much of the work, it can be overwhelming for them to see you so stressed out. To make the holidays less stressful for little ones, try to do your shopping online, do your Christmas cards ahead of time, and take time to just enjoy the time with your kids.

Use Fewer Lights
Young children can be overly stimulated by lights, including Christmas lights. Too much visual stimulation can lead young ones to have headaches and become irritable. Instead of having colorful lights on your Christmas tree, try sticking with the mellow white lights and turn them off if you see your child getting unusually cranky.

Give Them Space
Many families have relatives over for the holidays. If your child is an introvert or is not used to having so many people crowded together, this may freak them out a bit. You don’t have to cancel your invitations, but if your child is sensitive in this area, then don’t be upset if they spend some time in their room (but not all their time!)

Don’t Freak Out Over the Little Stuff
One way to make the holidays less stressful for the little ones is to not freak out over little things. We all want things to look perfect. Our meals we want to come out just right, we spend time and money getting the ideal gifts and hanging up the decorations to look just right. If your child breaks a decoration or doesn’t do a craft the way you envisioned it, it is okay. Just remember that the holidays are supposed to be a time of family getting together.

Don’t Make Kids Do Too Much
Last year I had an entire list of activities I wanted the kids to do and another page of crafts we were going to complete. Because I was trying to cram so much in such a short amount of time, the kids felt rushed and didn’t get a chance to truly enjoy each activity. The biggest tip in making the holidays less stressful for little ones, is to expect them to do so many crafts, trips, and activities.

This time of year is a rushed time for every family, but by remembering the above tips, you can make the holidays less stressful for your little one. The most important thing you should remember is to have fun. After all, Christmas is only once a year!

4 thoughts on “How To Make the Holidays Less Stressful for Little Ones”

  1. I totally agree with these suggestions! We only turn the lights on for about 30 minutes a night, and sometimes my son asks me to turn them off because they are too bright. I guess I hadn’t thought of it through a 3 year old’s eyes

  2. Wow those are great suggestions I never would have thought of. I had no idea the lights could irritate a child and it’s so true that us being stressed stresses out our kids!

  3. Wonderful suggestions for family’s during the holidays. We try to keep the same frame of mind with the elderly in our family, whom need rest less stress during this time of year.

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