9 Must Have Vintage Christmas Decorations


This year, go back in time with these 9 Must Have Vintage Christmas Decorations.  Not only are they classic to some of the best retro holiday decorations out there, they are going to be safer for your family in their upgraded condition.  No fear of lead paint.  No light bulbs catching things on fire.  These great modern vintage Christmas decorations are going to bring the past to the present.  Create a beautiful holiday decoration theme in your home this year!

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Vintage Style Glass Reflector Ball Ornaments:  No true vintage Christmas tree was complete without these great ornaments.  Multi-colored ornaments with all the nooks and crannies that made them unique.  No two ornaments were the same!

Vintage Style Glass Reflector Ornaments : One of  9 Must Have Vintage Christmas Decorations

Let It Snow Vintage Look Snow Ski Decor:  This classic vintage look is perfect to prop by your tree, near the door or even on your front porch.  Old wooden ski’s with vintage colors and lettering make this a great throwback look to a simpler time.

Vintage Let It Snow Skis   : 9 Must Have Vintage Christmas Decorations

Vintage Reindeer Robot Christmas Ornament:  A whole lot of vintage and a little bit of Steampunk make this a great choice for your tree this year.  This classic style of reindeer is reminiscent of the Miracle On 34th Street days of years past.

Vintage Robot Reindeer Ornament : One of the  9 Must Have Vintage Christmas Decorations

Vintage Merry Christmas Wooden Sled:  Back in the day, wooden sleds were often found propped against the sidewalk or front step.  This great vintage wood sled with a holiday message is a great vintage holiday decoration for your front porch.  It also holds a great place by the tree, near your entry way or even against the fireplace in your home.

Vintage Merry Christmas Wooden Sled : One of the 9 Must Have Vintage Christmas Decorations

Vintage Noel Christmas Stocking:  Don’t forget to update your stockings on the fireplace with one like this classic vintage Noel Christmas stocking.  The epitome of holiday decor is the classic stocking hung on the mantel for Santa to fill with goodies each year.

Vintage Noel Christmas Stocking : One of the  9 Must Have Vintage Christmas Decorations

Vintage Knit Ball Garland:  Your tree won’t be complete without this classic knit ball garland.  This vintage look was popular in years past, and is making a comeback this year.  Classic white, red, green colors and combinations make this a perfect accompaniment to almost any tree decor you choose.

Vintage Knit Ball Garland : One of the 9 Must Have Vintage Christmas Decorations

Vintage Edison Bulb Light Set:  Your vintage Christmas decorations are not complete without lights.  This vintage Edision bulb set is perfect for hanging in your front window, across your gutters or strung on the sides of your walkway this holiday season.

Vintage Edison Bulb Lights : One of the 9 Must Have Vintage Christmas Decorations

Vintage Twinkling Lights Sphere:  This classic decoration is reminiscent of a vintage holiday disco ball.  This sphere is covered in clear plastic lights that make for an amazing visual effect when hung on the ceiling near your tree.  Turn the lights off, plug this in and enjoy the romantic ambience as the holiday season nears.

Vintage Twinkling Sphere Lighted Ball : One of the  9 Must Have Vintage Christmas Decorations

When planning your holiday decoration theme this year, you cannot go wrong with these vintage Christmas decorations.  Not only are they classic, they are going to give you a chance to teach your kids all about the way things were done years before.

What are your favorite Vintage Christmas decorations? Tell us in the comments!

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