3 Easy Steps to Breathe New Life into Your Granite Counters

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.Breathe new life into your natural stone countertops in just three steps! Check out our Granite Gold review to find out how!

Granite countertops are absolutely gorgeous…when you take care of them the right way. The problem? Most of us don’t really know what “the right way” is! I think we just assume that since granite is super strong, it’s also super easy to keep clean. While that’s sort of true, if you don’t go the extra mile every now and then, your granite will lose its luster pretty fast.

Don’t worry, though! Keeping it looking gorgeous and breathing new life into lackluster granite isn’t as hard as you might think! Granite Gold® has a super simple process that’s literally as easy as one-two-three. Let’s check it out!

Granite Gold Review: How to Breathe New Life into Your Counters

Before we get into those 3 steps, let’s talk a bit about why we chose Granite Gold®. Did you know that their products are backed by three generations of knowledge? The entire family has a passion for stone care going back to their grandfather, Leonardo.

Breathe new life into your natural stone countertops in just three steps! Check out our Granite Gold review to find out how!

When the family of stone care experts couldn’t find the perfect product to clean, restore and protect granite, they made it themselves! Years of trial and error went into the Granite Gold® products and their awesome three-step process. Ready to learn all about it? Check out the video, then read on for more details about each step! 


1- Clean

The first step to breathing new life into granite countertops is, of course, keeping it clean. Your first instinct may be to reach for soap and water (which are not formulated to clean natural stone), or maybe another household cleaner. Not so fast! Many cleaners can be abrasive to your natural stone counters! Granite Gold Daily Cleaner®, on the other hand, is designed to let you clean your countertops every day without ever destroying that seal. It works so well, even my significant other commented on how clean the counters looked!

2- Seal

According to the experts at Granite Gold®, you can never over-seal your natural stone countertops. Without a proper seal, things like food particles can make their way into your stone. This leads to etching and staining, which is not a pretty sight! Their Granite Gold Sealer® helps create and maintain the protective barrier between your stone and everything around it. While you don’t need to seal every day, you should do it frequently.

Honestly, I never thought of sealing my granite countertops before and now I have some etching. I’m just heartbroken that I didn’t think of it before. If you look close, you can see it here:

Now, I’ll definitely make sure I never skip this step again so I can avoid more damage!


The last step, polishing, really helps bring out the shine in your granite countertops! It also acts as a final barrier to lock in that seal. I was so impressed by Granite Gold Polish®. Just look at how my counters shine now!

In just three steps, my granite counters look new again. It couldn’t have been any easier! Granite countertops are a fantastic investment. They can last a lifetime with proper care and add such value to your home. I love how easy Granite Gold® makes it to keep my granite in great shape and looking amazing!

Want to breathe new life into your granite? Visit Granite Gold® to learn more about the products we used and their entire line of natural stone care products! Granite Gold® products are available at Bed Bath & Beyond, Winner’s, Home Sense, Amazon.ca and GraniteGold.ca. Use their store locator to find the nearest location. Follow Granite Gold® on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to keep up with news. Check them out on Pinterest for more tips and inspiration!

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25 thoughts on “3 Easy Steps to Breathe New Life into Your Granite Counters”

  1. We don’t have granite or marble countertops. We have a wooden block island in our kitchen. We treat that.
    I never knew about this three step process! It makes sense though! Thank you for sharing! I shared too on Pinterest.

  2. i don’t have marble counters or granite but i do have a granite board to take pictures for the blog so this is a great idea on how to keep it properly taken care of. thanks!

  3. My parents have granite and sometimes I feel like I can’t tell if it’s clean or not! lol! This is so good though.

  4. It’s nice that there is a way to clean and brighten them up that is easy. I think granite countertops are just lovely.

  5. Soap and water for cleaning is a basic instinct for most of us, haha! Glad to know there are products meant for granite. :)

  6. Sarah Crowther

    Always had a tough time finding a good cleaner for granite. Most of them leave smears and it doesn’t look good, especially if it’s dark or really light, you can see everything!

  7. Yup, being married to a kitchen designer, I hear about people who abuse their granite all the time. It is insanely durable, but that doesn’t mean indestructible!

  8. I don’t have granite countertops, but I have always loved the look! These products sound perfect for those who have them in their household.

  9. Mary Fitzgerald Edwards

    Dangit I didn’t know about sealing it either. I assumed it already was sealed. :/ Thanks for the info

  10. I love my granite countertops but need to take better care of them! These seem like great products and I need to see if I can find them in my area!!!

  11. Amy @ Marvelous Mommy

    I totally need this! We just updated our kitchen to granite countertops, and I had no idea I needed to use a sealer. I’ve been looking for a great clean/seal cleaner combo.

  12. I have a couple of antique tables that I will have to get the right products to clean them. Nice to know the proper steps to clean and seal to make the granite last.

  13. We are having a home built for us and we are putting in granite countertops. I’d love marble instead, but that’s a big upgrade we can’t afford. Anyway, I am happy to see this as we’ve had granite counters in the past and I just wasn’t sure how to properly take care of them. A cleaner like this is something we will surely invest in!

  14. Soap and water for cleaning is a basic instinct for most of us, haha! Glad to know there are products meant for granite. :)

  15. Jhentea Guzman

    very impressive stuff! i only use soap and water in cleaning granite counter tops. now i know that there really is a great and right cleaner for granite tops,to seal its shine and beauty.thanks for the tip

  16. I love this stuff! It restores the natural luster of granite. In my experience, overuse will result in a residue build-up. Therefore, I limit use to every 4-5 cleanings…. In other words, I clean the counter tops with regular water 4-5 times and then use this stuff. It’s also vital to buff it out to maximize shine while minimizing residue.

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