7 Of The Sweetest Ways To Announce You Are Pregnant on Facebook

Shout it to the world! Check out our adorable ideas to announce you are pregnant on Facebook and all of your social media networks. Awww!

Finding a way to announce cleverly you are pregnant on Facebook has become so popular over the last few years. There are so many funny, sweet and fun ways to announce to your inner circle that a new kid is in town. You are likely already friends with almost everyone you would want to tell you are pregnant within your social media networks. Rather than announce it fifty million times on the phone, create one epic image or video to announce your pregnancy and then wait for the love to pour in for the new baby.

7 Ways To Announce You Are Pregnant On Facebook

Here is some inspiration for ways to announce you are pregnant on Facebook. I realize I took these images from Instagram, but these ideas easily adapt to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever you or social media of choice might be!

Flip Book


This is a way to announce a pregnancy that I had never thought of! Check out this genius flip book to announce you are pregnant, isn’t it sweet? If you have the art skills you can draw it yourself, but there are also people who will create a custom book for you. When you are done, you also have a sweet memento to keep!

Simply Pregnant


Well, this pregnancy announcement certainly doesn’t mince words! The simpleness of this pregnancy announcement adorable, I love the facial expressions the mom and dad to be have on their faces. In an ocean of social media posts, something eye catching and simple can be beautiful.



Aww, this dog has a new buddy who is on the way! These super cute BFF shirts for the baby and the family dog is such a sweet way to announce you are pregnant. I would totally love to follow up with a photo of the baby and dog wearing these shirts again after the baby arrives, or even when the kid is a little older.

Harry Potter Announcement


I think I almost spit out my coffee laughing at this sweet announcement. If you know any Harry Potter fans who may have a baby on the way, you need to pass along this fun pregnancy announcement that includes the sonogram.

Say It With Balloons


Have a new big sister or brother to include in the pregnancy announcement? This fun balloon announcement is a great way to include your other child with the fun. This is a parenting bonus if the older child loves balloons as much as mine, entertainment for a week!

Under Construction


My brother in law is a contractor, and I could so see them loving this pregnancy announcement. Tell everyone about that new project you’ve been working on. ;)

Worth The Wait


Maybe you were concentrating on other aspects of your life other than starting a family before now. Or maybe you were struggling to conceive, and now you’ve been lucky!  I think this is a beautiful announcement for anyone who has been waiting for baby, no matter the reason.

So lovely readers, which of these announcements would you use to announce on Facebook? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Omg so many cute ideas!!!!! My daughter was born when not many people did cool announcements. I thought I was cool just for having a preggo shoot! Kinda jealous of the cool things moms to be can do these days lol

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