5 Baby Shower Games That Are Actually Fun

Baby shower games that are actually fun? Yes we have them! No boring shower games here, check them out!

Baby shower games that are actually fun?  Yes we have them!  Bet you never thought you would be smelling baby poop at a shower.  Ok so it is chocolate, but still.  These games take minimal props and even stuff mom-to-be can use after (not the chocolate diapers though, you should probably toss those).  Check out these 5 baby shower that are actually fun!

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Baby Shower Games That Are Actually Fun

1- Name the poop:

Okay so I admit this one sounds pretty disgusting, but we did it at a baby shower I attended and it was pretty funny.  You need a few diapers, maybe like 10, and a candy bar for each one.  You have to prep this ahead of time, because you have to melt the chocolate into the diapers. Then the guests have to guess the candy bar…by sniffing and looking at it pretty closely!  Make sure someone is taking photos!

2- Bobbing for nipples:

We also did this at the most recent baby shower I attended!  I brought my daughter and she actually won!  And she didn’t even know what she was doing!  So you grab a bunch of nipples from bottles and stick them in a bucket of water (just like you would if you were bobbing for apples).  You have one minute to get as many nipples as you can, only using your teeth, your hands might have to be tied behind your back to be sure your don’t cheat!

3- Ice ice baby:

This one was at another baby shower I attended.  You get a bunch of those mini plastic babies and freeze them in ice cubes the night before the shower.  Then when your guests get their drinks, you give them an ice cube with their baby in it.  The first one to melt and have their baby wins!

4- Nipple toss:

Hang on to those nipples from the bobbing for nipples game!  Grab some chopsticks (you will need them for another game) or a small dowl from the craft store.  You need one per group of two.  Breaking your guests off into groups of 2, one person tosses the nipples and tries to get it on the chopstick the other person is holding.  Once you snag one, put it in a ‘caught’ pile, if you miss, pick it up and try again!

5- Binkie pick-up:

This is the other game you need the chopsticks or wooden dowl for.  The idea is to see how many binkies you can pick up with the chopstick in your mouth.  You can race to see how many you can pick up in a certain about of time (30 seconds or a minute) or you can have a certain number you need to pick up and see who can get them all.  It is not as easy as it sounds!  Those binkie handles move!
There are so many baby shower games to play, people come up with new ones all the time!  I am a fan of fun, not cheesy but I guess that is all in your opinion right?  You might find all my game suggestions cheesy, that’s ok, I won’t be offended.  But if you do (and even if you don’t), you should share with us some of your own suggestions for fun baby shower games below in the comments!

What are your favorite baby shower games that are actually fun?

8 thoughts on “5 Baby Shower Games That Are Actually Fun”

  1. These do sound like some of them would be fun at a baby shower. None of the showers I ever went to had games–boo hoo. If I end up invited to one again then I will suggest these.

  2. I went to a Baby Shower last month and was so impressed by the games. They did freeze the babies in ice cubes but I wish I had seen this past before or we would have tried some of them out. Oh well – next time…

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