Next Issue Canada: A News Stand in Your Pocket!

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Remember how exciting it was to get a new magazine in the mail or grab one from the news stand to enjoy with a cup of coffee? I always loved checking out the latest news, styles and parenting tips. The only problem was, once I finished with a magazine, I hated throwing it out! I don’t have room for stacks of magazines in the house and I really am trying to be more eco-conscious anyway. Next Issue Canada makes it so easy to enjoy all my favorite magazines right on my iPad. No more clutter!


Even better, with Next Issue Canada, I only have to pay one price to get access to over 100 different magazines, including back issues! Take a look at my experience using Next Issue Canada, plus a few of my favorite articles from 2013.

Next Issue Canada: A News Stand in Your Pocket

Next Issue Canada was incredibly easy to set up. I just signed up for the free 30-day membership (which, by the way, you can cancel any time before it’s up and not get charged), then signed in to my account!


From there I started exploring all the offerings. You can choose from whatever magazines you want. Just browse through or search for the magazines you like best.


Accidentally pick a magazine that you don’t really want? Check out a new one and decide it just isn’t for you? It’s easy to change the selection of magazines! You can also enlarge the screen to make reading easier.

While I used the app on my iPhone and iPad, it’s also available for Android phones and tablets as well as Windows 8. In fact, our editor Nicole has the Windows 8 US version and she said it looks gorgeous on the big screen. So whether you’re reading it on your small phone or a large, 20-inch PC screen, you’ll be able to enjoy the hottest content from all your favorite magazines in vivid color and detail, just like holding the real thing!

My 2013 Top 5 Favorite Magazine Articles from Next Issue Canada


Family Circle, December 2013: Healthy family dinners! I loved this weekly menu plan of healthy family dinners: from butternut squash risotto to scallops fra divallo. I WILL make sure to prepare the butternut squash risotto.


Parents, October 2013 : Too cute to spook: a great DIY  of silly spiders ! I am sure my daughter would love to make them and eat them with me for the next Halloween season


Chatelaine, November 2013: Make your own feather and twig wreath! Absolutely gorgeous wreath with simple instructions


Today’s Parent, December 2013 When your water breaks steps and stages pregnancy. Charlene a mom of 2 in Burlington had one of those rare water breaking experiences! Read more!!


Family Fun, Dec Jan 2014: Workbook: Recipes: TEENSY Gingerbread houses! A detailed tutorial on how to make a gingerbread house from Graham crackers! So cute and mouthwatering. I am sure I would need a double dose of Graham crackers because kids might eat it in between putting the gingerbread house

Download the Next Issue Canada app now and start your FREE trial! With prices as low as $9.99 a month for basic and $14.99 a month for unlimited, you’ll save a fortune if you regularly purchase even just three magazines at the store! Be sure to check out Next Issue Canada on Pinterest, like NextIssueCanada on Facebook and follow @NextIssueCanada on Twitter.

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  1. Several titles here I love (Family Circle, Family Fun, Parents..). I so love getting my magazines in the mail, but what a tree saver!

    1. I love a mix of both: printed and digital! The great thing with digital is that it saves tree, less mess in the home and available anywhere!

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